Native Instruments is both market leader and pioneering innovator in the production of hardware and software for computer-based music production. It’s a fascinating industry which requires both a love of technology and a keen creative spirit. The company’s international network connects colleagues, friends and associates, top artists, and renowned studios, as well as high-caliber technology partners from Apple to Microsoft. And with offices in Berlin, Los Angeles, and Tokyo, NI has a firm footing in three of the world’s most essential centers of creative energy.

Even after 15 years of constant growth, Native Instruments is still in touch with its roots as a creative hardware and software producer. This lively, open dynamic fuses comfortably with the company’s growing reputation and a long-term, strategic vision. Native Instruments is now a medium-sized technology enterprise with a highly-diverse product range. NI staff can make good use of their talents, and enjoy a high level of autonomy. The working environment neatly combines open dialog with clear team structures.

Fair Company Initiative

Native Instruments is a member of the Fair Company initiative— a campaign to ensure best practices and fairness in all dealings with graduates, trainees and interns. NI also supports ‘Perspective Youth 2011’ and is actively involved in the ‘The National Pact for Training and Young Skilled Staff in Germany’.

About the Industry

Native Instruments is a leading innovator in the ‘Musical instruments’ industry sector, often known as ‘MI’. This sector covers all products that are used primarily to produce sound, including audio software, DJ equipment, pro mixing desks, microphones and acoustic instruments.

The MI sector has experienced a fundamental technological change in recent years, with a strong trend throughout the industry towards computer-based music production. Native Instruments, with its ground-breaking software and hardware, has been a positive driving force behind this change.

From one-man operations and startups to industry giants such as Apple, Sony and Yamaha — even a cursory look at the MI sector reveals a fascinating diversity. In 2010, the MI sector recorded a total worldwide revenue of 6.5 billion US dollars. The key markets for digital music equipment are the USA, Japan, the UK and Germany.