A grain cloud toy, with cellular automata parameters routing

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Roberto Noris
3.0 ( Updated   9 years ago )
June 23, 2004
Instrument Synthesizer


This is the first ensemble I've ever uploaded...
The package contains a readme file that should guide your first steps; the whole instrument is popup commented, so everything should be clear.
Hope you enjoy it :)


In this version:

I think all the bugs are fixed.
Tested on macintosh as well (thanks John) and worked!


Paule Amca 3 years ago
Works fine under 5.51 (PC) - thanks Bob
Paule Amca 3 years ago
Try to load under R5.51
Jo Oheim 8 years ago
Does crash R5.1, but runs with R4.1.3 - both on my G5 2GHz dual, running OS X 10.4.5. FWIW, CPU is below 20%. This thing is nicely laid out, and with seemingly endless possibilities quite capable. Thanks a bunch for this great ensemble!!
Christine Webster 8 years ago
Crashes on my Powerbook 1.2 ... sorry
steffen goerke 9 years ago
good thanks
da costa vincent 9 years ago
Assz interressant, mais difficile d'acces.
Vernon Reid 9 years ago
Works well on my G4, the ergonomics are a bit tedious however...
Robert Croft 10 years ago
It looks interesting Roberto but I'm also having the same crash problems mentioned. I'm on a 1.25 ghz mac G4.
Roberto Noris 10 years ago
:// Don't worry, it's not a virus, but if it crashes a G5 it's surely a bug. As soon as I can I'll try to sort it out!
Kathie Talbot 10 years ago
very scary, it crashed my G5...I hope there isn't a virus or something. Let us know whatsup!
john stainton 10 years ago
New version still bombs me out - crash log gives no clues sample rate is normal and voices are only 3
Roberto Noris 10 years ago
The samples are in the package. About the "over": I use it with an XP 2000+ @ 44K and 3 voices; with the starting snapshot the cpu stays under 25%... Sure it needs some cpu power but using just one voice and keeping an eye on the grain values should make it usable.
Don Dailey 10 years ago
It looks like an interesting piece,but cpu was "over" even at 22k. 6 samples could not be found when loading.
Kevin Hopper 10 years ago
Crashed my Mac on opening.
Eric Wistrand 10 years ago
Crashes my PC while loading the samples:(
Phil Durrant 10 years ago
actually, if i reduce the sample rate and number of voices, whilst the power button is off, i am ok when i turn this back on. it would be nice if you could upload a "lite edition" version of this (no delay, no resonator, maybe no filter) just to play with the grain cloud bit.
Dominika Banas 10 years ago
yes! Finally an ensembe which works fine on a PC and crashes on Mac! Bad, bad Mac! ;-) - Artur (frustrated with many ensembes, which didn't work on PC, but did on Mac)
Roberto Noris 10 years ago
Also try lowering the voices...
Greg Killmaster 10 years ago
works now for me. Thanks!. but I had to quickly set the sample rate down to 29000 or it would crash after displaying "over" in the cpu load box... haven't had a chance to play with it but I love the scale microtuning feature...
Roberto Noris 10 years ago
Can anybody with both mac and PC tell me why this happens? Sorry, I haven't got any experience with macintosh...
Bagnoud Hervé 10 years ago
V2 Crash Reaktor standalone and Audio unit on my PB G4 osx 10.2.8/ Reaktor 4.1.2 :-(
Phil Durrant 10 years ago
crashes my G3 Powerbook, Mac OS 9.2
Roberto Noris 10 years ago
I'm sorry I cannot test it under macintosh... :/ BTW, I've updated a new versione with some bugs fixed.
Greg Killmaster 10 years ago
crashes my g4 10.3.4 everytime I try and load it...
Cliff Douse 10 years ago
Strange. It's now got a '10'. There's a bug in this voting system.
Cliff Douse 10 years ago
Not sure why someone just gave this a '1' vote. It's actually quite interesting.
john stainton 10 years ago
I'm afraid it bombed reaktor under 10.2.8 on my Mac - looks interesting though . . . :-(