A Multiband Distortion Unit?

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May 05, 2008
Effect Distortion
Percussive Midi


someone elses signal flow idea, someone elses diode model, someone elses panel graphics....what exactly did I do here?

D16 group make excellent software. I've bought most of it. Here's a 'version' of their devastor. It has 3 parallel multimode filters that can be positioned either side of a distortion generator. There's a limiter at the front end to flatten out dynamics.

merry christmas.


Jeanne Corbeil
3 years ago
Daniel Salomon
6 years ago
D16 make excellent software designed to imitate vintage hardware, and you've made an excellent imitation of their original software. Call it a form of evolution.
Nick Petty
6 years ago
so nice, I used the D16 one, but found it was way too CPU hungry.