This is an imitation of the vintage Polymoog!

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December 27, 2009


After the success of the Minimoog the much anticipated polyphonic moog was a not living up to the expectations and by many seen as
the beginning of the end of the moog company. Although innovative in some aspects there are many compromises making the polymoog
difficult to use and also prone to break. Heating problem due to the massive amount of components making it fully polyphonic with 76 voice
puts alot of strain on the hardware. So when the competitors like SCI Prophets, Oberheim and Yamaha CS series was released the
polymoogs were quicky outdated. Never-the-less the polymoog produced some classic sounds on some classic synth albums like
Gary Numans Pleasure Principle and Telekon, Kraftwerk Trans Europa Express, Man Machine, Computer World and many more by ELO,
Yes, Saga, Stevie Wonder etc.

Although a commercial failure in the late 1970s I think the Polymoog has alot character and charm making it worthwhile to explore as a
virtual synthesizer. This imitation is mainly a Polymoog Synthesizer BUT the blue buttons are from the cut down/preset version
Polymoog Keyboard. Also I have not been able to make the MODE-filters. Hence there is no fader for that in the Master/mix section.

The polymoog is a bit difficult to understand as there are 3 different filter sections and also a signal direct from the oscillator without filter.
One of the culpits of the polymoog was the lack of polyphonic dynamic filters. The MODE filter is polyphonic but not possible to control
by an envelope. There's a 4 pole LP filter but it's monophonic. And there bank of 3 resonant filters but they are also monophonic.
Also the keyboard is split in two different ways to create more sounds variation over the range of the keyboard but it's also makes it
a bit difficult to program. Each voice has 2 oscillator BUT they only have one waveform each - saw and pulse respectively. Not very
flexible and quite limiting.

One quite unique feature of it's time however contributed to the lush sound called Vox Humana which I'd say is Gary Numan's signature sound.
The 2 oscillators per voice have each a separate LFO for frequency modulation. Also the Pulse Width has it's own LFO.

I havn't made many snapshots and I've moved on to othe project and just can't find the energy to make more. Please send your's to me or
upload them and I'll inlude them in later version. The effect pedals are made by Hugo Portillo included in his amazing Eminent imitation,
hence the Jarre snaps.

Anything you ever need to know about the polymoog you'll find at owners club at
It's one of the best web site covering a vintage synthesizer! I've used a picture from dubsounds site for the blue buttons.


gagar88 gangstarr1 1 year ago
best synthetiser ever.
jason medina 3 years ago
I use this at least as frequently as the polymoog in ik samplemoog. darn good.
francois elie 3 years ago
wow !!! amazing sound and all your synths are really gems in reaktor world
Adam Anderson 3 years ago
one of my favorites so far, this sounds just great!
Richard Bull 3 years ago
What a gorgeous peice of work! WOW! Sounds terrific, and so much fun to look at also. 10/10!
marc billon 4 years ago
Merci marc Billon
si downes 4 years ago
Instant Gary Numan. Love it!
Jamie Maloney 4 years ago
This has a wonderful retro feel. Very useful, I like it!
Alex Abajian 4 years ago
Nice Vox Humana
Christian Meyer 4 years ago
Nice and unusual sounding synth. thanks.
Scott Johnson 4 years ago
awesome! thank you. This sounds excellent.
GG.G SakabeaT 4 years ago
Trevor Gavilan 4 years ago
You did it Again!!! Thank You Sir!!!!!!!
Simon Lowther 4 years ago
thats a fantastic addition to the library, looks cool too!
Chris R Gibson 4 years ago
Thanks for your outstanding work and detailed description ;-)
David Waldman 4 years ago
Will someone PLEASE do an ensemble with MEMORYMOOG controls????