2D Note Generator based on lemur template

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1.2 (Updated 2 years ago)
October 27, 2011
Instrument Sequencer
Melodic Midi


/* Update 1.1 10-31-2011 */ Please do use of this new version.

- Fixed an issue with random note processing.
- Fixed, LFO doesn't restarts from reaktor midi clock.
- Fixed INVERT Pitch (right click over the mouse area)

Hi There.

Just a small experiment trying to recreate one lemur template on reaktor, however this one is a more "minimalistic" version ( I wanted to do a more simple version) it was created specially to work with synths like absynth (soundscapes, drone, ambient, sounds)

There is an old video here if you're interested by Mr Richard Devine:

I've made some tutorials snaps (please do use of ensemble snapshots) hope that helps, also turn on Reaktor hints button, you'll find some info there too, however my english is not really good.

There is a MIDI LEARN page on B view of the instruments.

Addtional credits and thanks a lot to:
Igor Shilov (from twistedtools) for LFO core macro.
Lazyfish: Pitch Correction Macro.

For demo I've used Steampipe 2, it is a instrument created by Martijn Zwartjes

Cheers and thanks for downloading =)


Antonio Blanca 3 days ago
@Neal, sounds like an old known bug with older reaktor versions, are you using 5.6.2 or higher? Cheers.
Neal C. Bowie II 2 weeks ago
While trying to open in Reaktor, ERROR: Error while reading file NOD-Ev1.1:Node1.1.ens:Not a valid %1% file ! What do I need to do? Tried downloading several times without change... email me at if you can. Thank you!
Ross Barradel 2 weeks ago
Sick Sick Sick.. Nicely done. :)
Mantra Ardhana 4 weeks ago
Johannes Neumann 1 month ago
Woa, this is amazing!
Brian Robinson 2 months ago
Love this generator - many thanks! 10
10 !!
Olaf Bubel 4 months ago
it`s amaizing Node-E the harmonic section is pretty cool, for adjust another harmonics, real top work from U i ever seen and tryed out here on Library, thx a lot for your excellent work and for share with us. Top 10 points of 10. Thx Antonio Blanca.
Justin Morgan 5 months ago
Brillllliant.... Thanks so much
Kurt Lucas 6 months ago
Bloody brilliant my friend! Beautiful ensemble, many ideas are spreading forth, music explodes through every pore and every brain cell. Mind blown! Thank you my friend. K
Brent Kallmer 7 months ago
In total agreement with the words of V.G.: "I am utterly surprised this doesn't have a 10 rating and thousands of downloads. Autechre will probably use this on their next album."
Antonio Blanca 1 year ago
Hey there, thanks a lot for the kind comments, great to know you like it! Cheers,
Victor Sologub 1 year ago
Very Good!
Jan Heinke 2 years ago
thank you!!! 10+
Graham Street 2 years ago
Andy Pink 2 years ago
Woha this is excellent, thanks
33 Tetragammon 2 years ago
You sir, are a GENIUS!!!!!! AMAZING!!!!! Just what i was looking for today. THANK YOU!!!!!!
V. G. 2 years ago
Feature Request: can you give each node an assignable midi channel?
Dennis Harms 2 years ago
Wow! Thank you very much! This ensemble is truly amazing!
Antonio Blanca 2 years ago
Thanks a lot for your kind comments! The latest version is here, it fixes some bugs:
Antonio Blanca 2 years ago
Hello, thanks a lot for the kind comments! Cheers AB
V. G. 2 years ago
Wanted to say how pleased I am with this again. After some time with it, my favorite thing to do is sequence one hit samples. I am utterly surprised this doesn't have a 10 rating and thousands of downloads. Autechre will probably use this on their next album.
Paul Nadin 2 years ago
Very good work...thanks.
Guillaume Nicolas 2 years ago
impressive... and a very beautiful interface.
n.r. ruck 2 years ago
excellent work ... i added a switch , in the 'init' module , between the start/stop , and the gate output ... this allows for automation of the start/stop , within a sequence , which i find handy ...
john shearer 2 years ago
And thanks for sharing!
john shearer 2 years ago
I don't normally comment on here, but this is one the best ensembles I have used on Reaktor. Hats off to Antonio.
Antonio Blanca 2 years ago
Hi Christopher, Thanks for lettting me know. Yes, you need the 5.6.1 reaktor build, both files were saved under that version. Cheers,
Christopher Soulos 2 years ago
Hello, I've gotten a msg that my Reaktor 5.5.0 (R10484) is not the right version you saved the .ism with. I haven't upgraded to Komplete 8 yet, so there you are...! The first vers worked fine.
Antonio Blanca 2 years ago
Gracias Jose! @Christopher, I've downloaded it and works here, I've had a similar issue trying to open some ensembles with machines using windows, I've added a .ism for that reason, Have you tried to load the instument (.ism)? it should to work. Let me know, thanks.
Christopher Soulos 2 years ago
I'm getting an error with the new ens, quote: "Not a valid %1% file!" Cheers
Jose Barrera Martinez 2 years ago
Gracias por este increible secuenciador!!
Jose Barrera Martinez 2 years ago
Increíble, este secuenciador es la leche!Gracias!
Antonio Blanca 2 years ago
Thanks a lot to everyone! There is a new version fixing several bugs, please re-download it. ! @Bodo, great app! thanks for the video :) Best
Christopher Soulos 2 years ago
Glyn Darby 2 years ago
Thanks for this,it is an intresting,clever and insperational ensemble.
Javier quesada vazquez 2 years ago
genialisimo ,como todo lo ke haces,bro. memeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. abrazakos.
Christian Tumalan 2 years ago
Thanx a lot for this magnific tool ! ;) simply amazin´ !
bodo peeters 2 years ago
Amazing ensemble! Made a little video with it controlled by FaceOSC
Markus Zorn 2 years ago
Amazing work!! Thanks
Laurence Ketchin 2 years ago
Wow! Outstanding, thanks a lot.
Antonio Blanca 2 years ago
Thanks Vicky :) Just I have had notice about of two small bugs, I will fix them soon. Have a nice weekend
V. G. 2 years ago
My goodness! I had to check my calender to make sure it wasn't Christmas. You really raised the User Library a notch.
Antonio Blanca 2 years ago
Hey folks, thanks a lot for the kind words, great to know you like it. @Michael, I will test it with Spark =)thanks for letting me know. All the best.
Bernd Keil 2 years ago
thanks Antonio
Michael Victor 2 years ago
Top notch ens. Sequencing Spark and loving it. thank you . And thank you Richard Devine for the FB Post.
Lorenzo Quadri 2 years ago
excellent!!thanks for sharing
benjamin kilchhofer 2 years ago
macha romaniuk 2 years ago
Excellent Work !