sample granulator

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rick scott
1.1 ( Updated   3 years ago )
December 19, 2011
Instrument Sampler


foil to wall-O-sound, g'ranuLator tears samples apart into chaotic flurries of short grains.

enjoy. :-)


Der Einmeier
3 years ago
/speechless. Amazing .ens !
Frank Oschmann
3 years ago
i love to use this one for remixes. thank you!
Peter Dines
3 years ago
Utterly sick. I sat and listened to it in my headphones for half an hour last night while programming, forgot what it was and thought "who composed this? I need to get more of his music." :D
Paule Amca
3 years ago
Thank you rachMiel
Jim Hurley
3 years ago
Rick's tools make amateur hams like me look good. I just run a bunch of his things, collect the output, do a few edits, and call it my own.
Miroslav HERMAN
3 years ago