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MF with stereo sample playback

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1.2 ( Updated   2 years ago )
October 23, 2010
Instrument Synthesizer


Two years ago when doing my first Bank for MF I asked around if someone could rewire MF so that it would play back samples in stereo. Rick Scott was so kind to do this. As the Spin module always routes the left side to the right and vice versa I added two faders in the central graphics area. One for the Spin Module level and one for everything else. If you want to hear your samples in stereo turn the level of the Spin Module down/to zero. The more you turn it up the more your samples will sound in mono.

I have encountered issues with MF concerning the automation. When opening the ensemble for the first time in standalone or within a DAW the internal automation of MF can get stuck. Although the green automation buttons are active the yellow faders won‘t move. Flipping through a few patches in the Snapshot browser solves that issue. If you see a green automation button lit but no yellow fader moving, something is wrong. Once the Automation gets going, it works for all patches. A bit like an old Mercedes...

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Tino Müller 3 years ago
thanks :)
Paule Amca 3 years ago
Simon, your ens don't based on the repaired one by lowkus (1.4) The ssf from other MF's worked very well! No crashes.
Simon Stockhausen 3 years ago
AUTO IDs above 99 might not work wit some DAWS. I just checked the IDs, quite a few are disabled and quite a few use ID numbers above 99. So enable the parameters you want to assign and set their numbers below 100 and try again.
Stephen Wey 3 years ago
Anyone else having problems getting the automation to work in hosts (on Windows)? I can't get either Kore 2 or Reaper to learn any params except in the filter and distortion modules.
Paule Amca 3 years ago
That's fine, Simon
Jim Hurley 3 years ago
Any time a Reaktor ensemble is modified, the snapshot ids can change and new ids can get made. So in general, you can't use old snapshots on changed ensembles.
Simon Stockhausen 3 years ago
Hi Karel, It's not intentional of course, I just programmed a new Bank for this ensemble and didn't test it really with "old" Snaps. The new ones play fine.
Karel Skakal 3 years ago
HI, I am having some problems, like It is impossible to load original MF snapshot bank,(intentional?) it crashes Reaktor. It is impossible to turn on/off P1,P2 routing to oscilators A,B 1-5. they are 'stuck' on... cheers