Leading the way for Native Instruments

The past, present and future of Native Instruments is fundamentally connected to the individuals that drive it forward. Besides original founder Stephan Schmitt, two other people have decisively shaped the company – CEO Daniel Haver and CTO/President Mate Galic. With their individual passions and perspectives, they perfectly symbolize the technological and economical vision that constitutes Native Instruments.



Native Instruments CEO Daniel Haver
As the owner of a graphics and web design studio in Hamburg, Daniel Haver worked with the top tier of Germany's advertising agencies when a friend called his attention to Native Instruments in 1997. As an avid fan of electronic music, Daniel Haver was fascinated with the spectacular sonic possibilities that software synthesis had just introduced. As a passionate entrepreneur with a business management background, he also immediately recognized the significant economic opportunities of the creative revolution that the company’s technology had helped to set in motion.

What followed was Daniel Haver’s move to Berlin to join Native Instruments as a shareholder and take the lead as Managing Director. He began to outfit the company with solid business structures, and introduced a long-term international distribution and marketing plan. A crucial element in this move was the immediate setup of US representation, which would later be transformed into Native Instruments North America, Inc., located in Los Angeles. All this led to Native Instruments' evolution from an engineering-centric software start-up to an internationally established technology company.

Daniel Haver also introduced the idea and vision of computer-based DJing within the company, which resulted in the development of TRAKTOR, still one of the most innovative and successful Native Instruments products. Complementing this on a strategic level, Daniel Haver established an early investment of Native Instruments into Beatport, supporting its rapid ascent as the world’s largest download store for dance music.

As the CEO of Native Instruments, Daniel Haver remains the driving force behind all economic and strategic decisions, and the pursuer of a systematic expansion course on all fronts. His deeply engrained passion for sports challenges, which saw him spend a large part of his teenage years on the motocross circuit, is nowadays vented in sporadic snowboarding, wakeboarding and kite surfing trips.



Native Instruments CTO/President Mate Galic
As a DJ, producer, label owner and journalist, Mate Galic was one of the most prolific figures in the emerging European dance music scene of the '90s. His strong passion for sound and for the continuous evolution of electronic music made him a relentless explorer of all related technology. At that time, the advent of real-time audio processing on computers hinted at a new world of creative possibilities beyond what established music production gear provided. Mate became specifically captivated by the potential of the computer to translate the musical approach of electronic artists into innovative technology for music creation and sound design.

When Mate Galic came across GENERATOR, the first product by Native Instruments, he was immediately electrified by its vast creative implications for electronic music, and joined the company as shareholder and evangelist in 1999. Among his first projects was the establishment of the REAKTOR factory library, a collection of wildly innovative software instruments that combined the talent of a new community of designers spread out all around the world.

In the following years, Mate Galic was closely involved with various innovative Native Instruments technologies, and influential for many strategic product decisions. He introduced several external projects and concepts to the company, from the adoption of the iconic ABSYNTH synthesizer to the development of dedicated hardware controllers, and was also a crucial figure in the establishment of Native Instruments' DJ portfolio. His role in the company's product development expanded to include positions as Head of Product Design and Chief Strategic Officer.

As Chief Technology Officer, President and Deputy to CEO Daniel Haver, Mate Galic now directs a joint department that covers technological research, product design and hardware/software development. His personal mission is to further advance the paradigm shift from feature-centric software applications to integrated solutions that combine functionality, quality and sonic flexibility with forward-thinking creative concepts, intelligent workflow and innovative interface design.