Playable Poly Effects

  • Unique stand-alone or plug-in effects instrument
  • Over 40 creative effects
  • Playable via MIDI keyboard


Based on REAKTOR technology and derived from the live setup of Tim Exile, THE FINGER is a new type of live performance and remix effect which can be "played" like a musical instrument.

THE FINGER is opening up new ways for intuitive sound mangling, live remixing, and advanced tempo-synced effects processing - in the studio or on stage. Powered by REAKTOR, THE FINGER is available for use with the free REAKTOR 5 PLAYER, or the full version of REAKTOR 5.5.


THE FINGER provides more than 40 effects including real-time samplers/transformers (e.g. loop, re-arrange, reverse, scratch, heavy granular effects etc.), as well as filters, gaters, delays, reverbs, distortion, wave shapers, ring modulation and many others. Each effect has two parameters controlled by velocity or mod wheel, and is tempo-synced to a master clock or the tempo of your audio host.


The main advantage of THE FINGER is the ability to trigger effects via MIDI keyboard (or the "piano roll" in a sequencer). Four octaves of MIDI notes have a specific effect per sound with their own settings assigned to each. The order you trigger the notes is the order the effects get layered in, so chains can be arranged and re-arranged in no time. Make the last key a loop effect, and you can continue the chain from there, endlessly. This allows you to "play" and improvise with effects just like with a "real" instrument. When used within a host sequencer as an effects plug-in, you can record your playing as MIDI in the piano roll editor allowing to edit your effect chains in a much simpler way.

The potential for creative audio mayhem is pretty much inexhaustible, and it has never been more fun - that is the power of THE FINGER.


"I've always been into the idea of playing electronics like you play acoustic instruments. I used to sit at the back of class at school tapping out jungle breaks and edits. That's when I fell in love with my fingers. I want to be able to touch sounds with them. Not just read adverts about touching sounds with them. I want to go on sound adventures by finger alone. Just a pair of handpants in my palmsack.

I love it when sounds end up somewhere completely different from where they start off. I want to be able to play these transitions with my fingers & keep wandering with the sound. I don't want to end up back where I started. I don't wanna be on a leash like a goat chewing the same patch of grass all day. I want to be a free goat. I wanna check out what that weird mountain over there is like to be on not just look at.

With THE FINGER you can keep on transforming the sound as long as you like. You don't have to go back home after one or two effects, wide awake and cursing your curfew. Just keep on applying effects, looping, mangling, smoothing, modulating until the cows come home, and all with those lovely fleshy pokey-hitty fingers of yours. Pull them fingers out and throw 'em in the wild."


Product type: KOMPLETE Effect
For use with: Runs in the free REAKTOR 5 PLAYER (included in free KOMPLETE 8 PLAYERS) or the latest version of REAKTOR 5
Number of Sounds: 44
Sound Categories: Multi-effects
Engines utilized: REAKTOR
Download size (Mac / PC): 9 MB / 5 MB
System requirements: Free REAKTOR 5 PLAYER or REAKTOR 5. Please see the REAKTOR 5 PLAYER system requirements and the REAKTOR 5 PLAYER FAQ
Additional info: For use as a stand-alone or plug-in effect within a sequencer host
User Manual: Download Manual


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