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When KONTAKT first arrived in 2002, sampling had already become an essential part of contemporary music. But the hardware samplers of the day generally commanded prices that were hard to stomach even for most professional musicians.

Native Instruments developed a much leaner solution, and conquered the sampler market with the first version of KONTAKT – providing a highly flexible software sampler, with more options than the established hardware counterparts, and for a fraction of the price. Soon afterwards, the conventional hardware sampler had almost completely disappeared from the market.


Since its debut, KONTAKT has established a wide market lead as the most popular software sampler in the world. This success is due to several inter-related factors. KONTAKT provided a number of unique features, including an advanced scripting engine, which allows realistic instrument articulations, and the possibility to create distinctive custom instrument panels.

With the introduction of the free KONTAKT PLAYER, the technology has grown into an endlessly expandable content platform in itself – used by Native Instruments and bythird-party developers to create a huge range of sample-based instruments of unparalleled quality.



Today, KONTAKT is the industry-standard software sampler. With a 43 GB sound library containing over 1,000 sampled instruments, it covers all production scenarios. Unrivaled potential for sample manipulation, studio-level effects and filters, and a range of customization options provide the complete toolset for professional sound design.

Driven by the KONTAKT PLAYER – a free playback instrument with its own compact sound library – the KONTAKT platform has been widely adopted, and now thousands of third-party sample libraries and almost 30 NI ‘Powered by KONTAKT’ instruments are available.