Brand-new Macro FX combine multiple TRAKTOR effects on a single knob. Now it’s easier than ever to build up, break down and destroy tracks with a single, intuitive action – without being an FX guru.


If you have trouble using the new Macro FX or mapping the new Flux Mode, see this knowledge base article for in-depth instructions.

Name Type Style Description
Wormhole Buildup/
breakdown mix
Techno, house, drum and bass, dubstep, hip hop, bass Sucks frequencies into another dimension. Listen to your track shift, turn and echo the more you twist the Macro knob.
Listen to Wormhole in action
Bass-o-Matic Punch in,
Techno, bass, dubstep, drum and bass, grime, IDM An aggressive beat re-ordering tool and one of the most fun new Macro FX. Create entirely fresh sounding rhythmic patterns with the turn of a single knob.
Listen to Bass-o-Matic in action
EventHorizon Breakdown,
punch in
Techno, dubstep, reggae, hip hop, drum and bass Increasingly flatten your track until you reach extreme settings where echoes overtake the music.
Listen to EventHorizon in action
Zzzurp Punch in,
Hip hop, EDM, house, techno, dubstep, drum and bass Get psychedelic. Add subtle flanging to your tracks at mild settings while extreme knobs turns add zip and buzz sounds to the filtering eventually ending in destruction.
Listen to Zzzurp in action
Strrretch (Fast) Buildup/breakdown,
mixing, punch in
Hip hop, bass, dubstep, drum and bass Put your tracks into a time warp until you rip them to shreds. Control the rate at which they are destroyed by adjusting the speed of your knob movements.
Listen to Strrretch (Fast) in action
Strrretch (Slow) Breakdown,
mixing, punch in
EDM, dubstep, hip hop, drum and bass, techno, bass The same time warp madness of Strrretch with a slower rate of change. Because of this, Strrretch-Slow does not reach the same pitched time stretch sound as its faster cousin.
Listen to Strrretch (Slow) in action
GranuPhase Punch in
Techno, house, bass, dubstep, drum and bass Bathes your tracks in thick phasing at lighter settings. Extreme tweaks turn them into rhythmically-sync'd chaos.
Listen to GranuPhase in action
FlightTest Punch In All styles Beat-sync'd and comb filtered delay add a haunting distance to your track. Warning: extreme settings may induce vertigo.
Listen to FlightTest in action
LaserSlicer Punch in,
Techno, bass, dubstep, drum and bass, grime Mashes precise sample slices and spits them through a flanger and repeats them with fluttering variations as you turn the macro. Perfect for Sci-Fi stutters.
Listen to LaserSlicer in action
PolarWind Mixing, punch in House, hip hop, techno, dubstep, bass Inject your tracks with the cold chill of winter captured on a single knob. The more you turn, the stronger the gust.
Listen to PolarWind in action
DarkMatter Mixing Techno, drum and bass, dubstep, hip hop, bass Covers your track in a fuzz blanket until there is nothing left but some faint transients. Smoothly mix in your next track and drop the beat hard.
Listen to DarkMatter in action