MASCHINE 2.0 Installation and Setup Guide

This article provides an overview of the various steps required to get MASCHINE 2.0 up and running. This includes software installation, product activation as well as updating your other Native Instruments products for use with MASCHINE 2.0. This is described in detail in the MASCHINE 2.0 Setup Guide, which is available for download at the bottom of this page.

Software installation

The MASCHINE STUDIO DVD booklet included in the box only contains the MASCHINE 2 Factory Library. Before you can use your product and in order to provide you with the latest version of the MASCHINE software, you must first download it from the Native Instruments website. You must first download and install MASCHINE 2.0 and KOMPLETE Selection software on your computer. You are then required to install the MASCHINE 2.0 Factory Library using the supplied DVD which can be found in the product box.

  1. Click this link and log into your Native Instruments User Account.
  2. Download and install the MASCHINE 2.0 application as well as KOMPLETE Selection. Carefully read and follow the on-screen instructions, accept the License Agreements, and enter the password for your computer if prompted (Mac OS X only).
    MASCHINE Download Page
    Note: KOMPLETE 9 and KOMPLETE 9 Ultimate users do not need to download and install KOMPLETE Selection as these sounds are already included in the K9 bundle.
    During the installation process, a MASCHINE 2 folder, including a number of subfolders will be created in the below location:

    • Mac OS: Macintosh HD > Applications > Native Instruments > MASCHINE 2
    • Windows: C: > Program Files > Native Instruments > MASCHINE 2

  3. Install the MASCHINE 2 Factory Library using the supplied DVD which can be found in the product box. If you have a computer that does not have a DVD drive it is possible to download and install the MASCHINE 2 Factory Library on your computer. For detailed instructions on installing MASCHINE 2 Factory Library without a DVD drive please refer to the section "Installing the MASCHINE 2 Factory Library without a DVD" in the MASCHINE 2.0 Setup Guide.

Important Note: Do not register via Service Center until you have installed the MASCHINE 2.0 application, KOMPLETE Selection and the MASCHINE 2 Factory Library.

Product Activation and Update

After installing the MASCHINE 2.0 application, KOMPLETE Selection and the MASCHINE 2 Factory Library run the Service Center application to activate your products.

  1. Log in with your email address and Native Instruments password.
  2. Enter the serial number in the number field. The serial number is located inside the DVD booklet. If you see product entries for both MASCHINE 2.0 and the MASCHINE 2 Factory Library simply enter the MASCHINE 2.0 serial number in one of the fields as this serial will activate both entries. Click Activate to proceed.
  3. Service Center will confirm that the product has been activated successfully. A search for updates will start automatically.
  4. If there are updates available for any of your activated Native Instruments products, the button in the bottom right corner of the screen reads Update. To download the updates, click the Update button.
  5. Select all available updates for download by checking the checkboxes on the left. For use with MASCHINE 2.0 it is necessary to download and install all KOMPLETE application updates as well as any purchased MASCHINE Expansion packs. If these updates are not installed the products will NOT show up in the MASCHINE browser and will therefore be unavailable to use in your project.
    Check Box
  6. After all files have been downloaded successfully, you can directly install the updates from the Service Center. Click on Install to install your update. This will automatically install your update silently.
  7. After you have updated your software, quit Service Center and start using your software.


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