How to Install the MASCHINE 2 Factory Library without having a DVD Drive

The MASCHINE Studio DVD booklet included in the box contains the MASCHINE 2 Factory Library. If your computer does not have a DVD drive you can download the Library from the Native Instruments website. For detailed instructions on installing the MASCHINE 2 Factory Library without a DVD drive refer to the section on Page 53 of the MASCHINE 2.0 Setup Guide English titled "Installing the MASCHINE 2 Factory Library without a DVD", which is available for download at bottom of this page.

  1. Click the below link to access all MASCHINE 2.0 software downloads. You will be asked to log into your Native Instruments User Account.
    The landing page should look like this:
    Download MASCHINE Library
  2. In the section titled INSTALL THE MASCHINE 2.0 LIBRARY click the link to access the Mac OS and Windows Downloader files.
    Download Links

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