TRAKTOR PRO 2.6.7 Hotfix: Resolving Playlist Issues Introduced in Version 2.6.6

TRAKTOR PRO 2.6.6 introduced an issue which corrupts Playlists by removing the following content:

  • All Remix Sets
  • All tracks which the Relocate function has been used for (either manually or by using the Consistency Check)
  • All tracks contained in a folder which is imported using the function Import Folder as Playlist

Note that the tracks and Remix sets are only removed from the Playlists, not your Track Collection. 

Native Instruments has now released TRAKTOR PRO 2.6.7, which fixes this issue. Unfortunately, the fix required the full deactivation of Metadata Sync with TRAKTOR DJ for this version.

We strongly recommend 2.6.6 users to update to version 2.6.7 to avoid potential data loss. Version 2.6.6 has been withdrawn from Service Center and the Update Manager.

Important note: If you have downgraded to version 2.6.5 before version 2.6.7 was released, TRAKTOR PRO 2.6.7 will import the Track Collection (including Playlists) from the "Traktor 2.6.6" Root Directory under Documents / Native Instruments on your hard drive, unless it has been removed before TRAKTOR 2.6.7 is launched for the first time. In order to restore the Track Collection and Playlists you used in version 2.6.5, follow the instructions in this article and import the latest Collection file from the 2.6.5 Root Directory.

Recovering Your Corrupted Playlists

If your Playlists have been corrupted in version 2.6.6, please follow the below guide in order to restore them.

Exporting the Playlists in TRAKTOR 2.6.5

  1. Go to the following directory using the OS X Finder or Windows Explorer:

    • OS X: Macintosh HD > Applications > Native Instruments > TRAKTOR 2 > Backup
    • Win: C: > Program Files > Native Instruments > TRAKTOR 2 > Backup

  2. Locate the file "Traktor" (OS X) / "Traktor 2.6.5.exe" (Win) in this directory and open it by double-clicking it.
    Note: If you never updated to version 2.6.5, open the last version you used before installing TRAKTOR PRO 2.6.6.

  3. Open the Playlists node in the Browser.
  4. Right-click the first Playlist you want to recover and select Export Playlist.
  5. Click on the ... symbol behind the default Destination path.
  6. Create a new folder for your exported Playlists (for example on the Desktop) and click Choose.
  7. Disable the option Copy Tracks To Destination and click OK to save your Playlist in the destination folder.
  8. Repeat steps 4-7 for each Playlist you want to recover. Select the folder you created in step 6 as your Destination for each Playlist.
  9. Close TRAKTOR 2.6.5.

Importing the Playlists in TRAKTOR 2.6.7

  1. Open your current version of TRAKTOR PRO 2 from here:

    • OS X: Macintosh HD > Applications > Native Instruments > TRAKTOR 2 > ""
    • Win: C: > Program Files > Native Instruments > TRAKTOR 2 > "Traktor.exe"

  2. Ensure that the 2.6.7 update has been correctly installed. You can check the version number in TRAKTOR's About screen. Open it by clicking on the NI logo in the upper right corner of the TRAKTOR.
  3. Right-click the Playlists node in the TRAKTOR Browser and select Import Playlist Directory.
  4. Navigate to the folder you created in step 6 of the above Playlist-export guide, select it and click Choose to confirm your selection.
  5. In the Importing Playlist dialog, choose File in order to preserve the current tag data in your music files.
  6. Your Playlists will now be restored.


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