I Cannot Load My Third Party Library in KONTAKT (Mac)

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I cannot load my Hardcore Bass Library into KONTAKT (Mac)

Error Message when loading

If you receive an error message when trying to load patches from a third-party library based on INTAKT / KOMPAKT / KONTAKT PLAYER 1 within KONTAKT, please follow the information below to resolve the issue.

KONTAKT 3.5.0 or higher

1. If the library does not automatically appear in the Libraries tab within the KONTAKT browser, click on Add Library and navigate to the respective INTAKT / KOMPAKT / KONTAKT PLAYER 1 Library folder; then click Choose.
2. If the Library has not yet been activated with SERVICE CENTER on this computer, an Activate button appears in the Library box. By clicking on it SERVICE CENTER will be started automatically.
3. Enter the serial number for the Library within SERVICE CENTER and click Activate.
4. Restart KONTAKT.

Now the Library patches can be used in KONTAKT.


Important Note: KONTAKT 2 is not compatible with Snow Leopard (10.6) and Lion (10.7) operating systems. The instructions below apply only to Leopard 10.5 and previous OS versions.

Make sure that your Library is installed and activated on your computer. If it is still not possible to load its patches in KONTAKT, please do the following:

  1. Make sure KONTAKT is not running.
  2. Download and unzip the attached file "Content.plist"
  3. Copy the unzipped file in this folder: Macintosh HD > Users > Your User Name > Library > Preferences
  4. If there is a file with the same name, you can replace it. Now start KONTAKT and attempt to load the Library again.

If you still cannot load your library and are using an Intel-Mac then you are likely running KONTAKT as a plug-in while your sequencer is opened using Rosetta. To learn more about this, please do the following:

  1. Quit the sequencer
  2. Locate the sequencer application file
  3. Select it, then press command-I to Get Info
  4. In the info window check that Kind is set to Application (Universal). Make sure Open using Rosetta is unchecked.

If Application (PowerPC) is listed then your sequencer is not comptible with Intel-Macs. As a result it will be opened using Rosetta (the sequencer will show poor performance therefore as well). In order to use the library with KONTAKT you need to update your sequencer to a universal binary version.

Note: Any third party library including KONTAKT PLAYER 2 libraries must be activated in Service Center before loading them in KONTAKT 2.


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