How to Record an External Audio Signal in TRAKTOR

This article explains how to record an external audio signal in TRAKTOR PRO 2 using the Audio Recorder.

External connection

The external audio source needs to be properly connected to the correct inputs of the audio interface:

  1. Connect your external audio source to an input of your sound card. Make sure your are using an input that matches the signal level of your external audio source. In this first example, we use a TRAKTOR AUDIO 10 interface and choose the channel MAIN (IN 1-2). This channel is suitable for LINE level audio sources, such as DJ mixers and CD players.
    Note: The signal coming in on the MIC input of the TRAKTOR AUDIO 10 goes through the MAIN channel. The GAIN knob next to the MIC jack only controls the level of the MIC channel. The RCA inputs of the MAIN channel only accept line level sources.
  2. In order to record a turntable signal, a PHONO input needs to be used. If you are using an NI audio interface, connect your turntable to the inputs on the back of the interface. They can be set to LINE or PHONO level. In this example, we use input channel A (3-4) of an TRAKTOR AUDIO 10:
  3. For the input channels A and B on the AUDIO 4 / 8 DJ and the TRAKTOR AUDIO 6 or the input channels A, B, C and D on the TRAKTOR AUDIO 10, the correct input mode needs to be set according to your external audio source. Go to the Audio Setup in the TRAKTOR Preferences and click on the button Settings to open the interface control panel. In the control panel, open the Channel Setup tab to set the Input Sens (input sensitivity). To record a turntable that is connected to channel A, this channel needs to be set to PHONO:
    Note: The RCA jacks of the MAIN input only accept line level sources. The MAIN input does not have a switchable Input Sens.

Input Routing

In order to send the signal from the input of the sound card through to the Mix Recorder, this input has to be selected in TRAKTOR:

  1. Open the Input Routing in the TRAKTOR Preferences.
  2. In the menus of the input channel you want to use, choose the input channels of your sound card that the audio source is connected to. In our example, we want to use Input FX Send (EXT). If the audio source is connected to the MAIN IN (1-2) of the sound card, we assign this input to Input FX Send (EXT) (see screenshot below). If we want to record a turntable that is connected to channel A (3-4), assign these channels to the Input FX Send (EXT).
  3. If the external audio source is active, you should see an amplitude in the channel (see screenshot).

Mix Recorder Settings

In order to record the incoming signal, the input channel has to be directed to the Mix Recorder:

  1. Go to the Mix Recorder area in the TRAKTOR Preferences.
  2. Click on the button Extern to configure the Mix Recorder for recording an external audio signal.
  3. In the menu External Input, select the input channel you assigned the input channel of your sound card to. In our example, this is  Input FX Send (EXT) (see screenshot).

Recording the audio signal

Finally, the audio signal can be recorded in the Audio Recorder:

  1. Open the Audio Recorder by clicking on the tape symbol close to the upper right corner of the TRAKTOR window (see screenshot).
  2. If the external audio source is already active and everything is set up properly, the level meter in the Audio Recorder will show an amplitude (see screenshot).
  3. The level of the audio recording can be controlled with the Gain knob. Make sure that the level does not go into the red. There should always be some headroom, because otherwise level peaks may cause distortion.
  4. To start and stop recording, click on the record-button in the lower left corner of the Audio Recorder.

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