How to Transfer the TRAKTOR Collection, Playlists and Settings from One Computer to Another

This articles explains how to transfer your TRAKTOR Collection, Playlists and settings from one computer to another. This procedure works across any platform (e.g. Mac to Mac, Mac to PC, etc.).Note: You can view the transfer process in greater detail in our corresponding tutorial video.

Copying your Music Files, TRAKTOR Root Directory and TRAKTOR Content Folder

First you need to copy your music files and your TRAKTOR data (Root Directory and TRAKTOR content folders) to an external hard drive or USB flash drive.

Copying your Music Files

  1. Create an empty folder for your music files in your external harddrive and name it accordingly. In our example, we name it "My Music".
  2. Copy all your music files to this folder. If you manage your music files in different folders, you can copy all of these folders and paste them into "My Music".

Copying your Root Directory

The TRAKTOR Root Directory holds all your Settings and Collection data. It is located in the directory which has been set in the under File Management > Directories > Root Dir in the TRAKTOR Preferences

The default location for this folder is:

  • ... > Users > *User Name* > Documents > Native Instruments > Traktor 2.x.x Note: TRAKTOR PRO 2 creates a new Root Directory with every update. The Root Directory folder name always carries the version number of the update it has been created with. This means that you can access your Settings and Collection from previous updates by choosing the Backup files from the Root Directory of the respective version. If you have been using the latest version, make sure to backup the most recent Root Directory for the transfer to your new computer.

Once you have located your Root Directory, copy it to the external hard drive. In our example, we are copying the Root Directory folder "Traktor 2.7.3"

Copying your TRAKTOR Content Folders

The TRAKTOR content folders automatically stores all the content you have created using TRAKTOR: Samples, recordings and Remix Sets. They are located in the following directories set in the TRAKTOR Preferences:

  • Samples: Preferences > File Management > Directories > Sample Dir
  • Recordings: Preferences > Mix Recorder > Directory
  • Remix Sets: Preferences > File Management > Directories > Remix Sets Dir

The default location on your hard drive for these folders is:

  • Samples: ...> Users > *User Name* > Music > Traktor > Samples
  • Recordings:...> Users > *User Name* > Music > Traktor > Recordings
  • Remix Sets:...> Users > *User Name* > Music > Traktor > ContentImport Note: If these folders are empty, you may not have generated this content at all or the folders may be found under a different path (as set in the TRAKTOR Preferences) . For TRAKTOR LE users, the functions in TRAKTOR that allow for this content to be created (Remix Sets and Recordings) are not available. Consult this article to learn how to upgrade from TRAKTOR LE 2 to TRAKTOR PRO 2.

  1. Create an empty folder for your TRAKTOR content in your external harddrive and name it accordingly. You can name this folder "Traktor Content", for example.
  2. Copy all three folders (Samples, Recordings and Remix Sets), onto the Traktor Content folder.

Now you have copied all your music files and your TRAKTOR user data (Root Directory) as well as your TRAKTOR user content (Samples, Recordings and ContentImport) onto your external hard drive.

Transferring your Music Files and TRAKTOR Data Onto your New Computer

  1. Install the latest version of TRAKTOR on your new computer.
  2. Open TRAKTOR and in Preferences > File Management and make sure that option Import Music-Folders at Startup is disabled. Then close TRAKTOR.
  3. Connect the external hard drive or USB flash drive with the backup files to your new computer.
  4. Copy all your music files ("My Music" in our example) to the desired location on your new computer.
  5. Copy all three TRAKTOR content folders (Samples, Recordings and ContentImport) onto the same location on your new computer (the default location will be ...Users > *User Name* > Music > Traktor). All three folders will already exist on this location and they need to be replaced. When copying the folders, confirm that you wish to Replace when the operating system prompts the question.

Importing your Collection

  1. Start TRAKTOR again on your new computer.
  2. Right-click on Collection in the TRAKTOR browser and select Import another Collection from the context-menu.
  3. Browse to the backup Root Directory on your external hard drive (in our example "Traktor 2.7.3")  and select the file "collection.nml". 
  4. After selecting "collection.nml", a window will pop up, asking you if you wish to import File tags or Collection tags.Note: Choosing Collection will load and apply the tag data contained in the collection (title, artist, album etc.) to all of your tracks. This is the right choice in order to restore the collection from the other computer, including the tag data in your music files.
    Importing Collection

Relocating your Tracks 

The Collection includes references to the location of all your tracks on the hard drive. In case the the file pathes of your tracks on the new computer differ from the original system, TRAKTOR will not be able to locate them.

  1. To resolve this, right/ctrl-click Track Collection in the browser tree and choose Check Consistency.
    Check Consistency
  2. The Consistency Check will show you the Consistency Check Report when finished. Go to the Missing Tracks tab and hit Relocate.
  3. Navigate to the location on the hard drive where you copied all your music files to.
  4. Select the drive or folder that contains your tracks and hit Choose. TRAKTOR will now automatically correct the file path references in the Collection.
  5. Repeat this process to make sure that all the files contained in your collection have been found.Note: You may additionally need to relocate the contents of your "Traktor content" folder if the paths from your old computer do not match the ones on the new computer. In this case, proceed with Relocate for each of the three folders Samples, Recordings and ContentImport.

Importing your TRAKTOR Settings

  1. Open the TRAKTOR Preferences.
  2. Click the Import button at the bottom of the Preferences window.
  3. Browse to the Root Directory backup you saved on your external hard drive and select the file "Traktor Settings.tsi".
  4. Make sure that the box File Load- And Write- Paths is not selected while importing the settings.Note: If you use a different audio device on the new computer, you should also uncheck Audio Device Settings while importing the settings.

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