How Can I Add a Sample Library to KONTAKT?

Note: You can also view the video version of this article.The Add Library function available in KONTAKT allows you to add compatible libraries to the KONTAKT browser. After adding a specific library, the KONTAKT browser will list a new box from which you can load the library's instruments.

Libraries of the discontinued products INTAKT, KOMPAKT and KONTAKT PLAYER 1 can also be loaded into KONTAKT 5 via the Add Library function.Note: Only KONTAKT libraries from Native Instruments and selected third-party manufacturers can use the Add Library function. Third-party libraries containing only instrument / multi instrument files (in the .nki / .nkm format) with their respective WAV / AIFF samples cannot be added to the library tab.In order to load a library that is already stored on your system via the Add Library function, proceed as follows:

  1. Install the latest version of KONTAKT 5 or KONTAKT 5 PLAYER. The free KONTAKT 5 PLAYER version can be downloaded here. Then launch the application in standalone mode.
  2. In the KONTAKT browser click on the Libraries tab and select Add Library.
  3. Select the library folder you wish to add to the library tab. In this example it is the SESSION STRINGS PRO Library. Confirm your selection with Choose.
  4. The library box will automatically appear in the Libraries tab. Note that the SESSION STRINGS PRO box displays an Activate button which indicates that the product has not yet been activated on this computer.
  5. If you are using KONTAKT 5, click Activate to open the PRODUCT ACTIVATION window and enter your product serial there. Click Activate to confirm.
  6. If you are using earlier versions of KONTAKT, click Activate in the library box. A new window will open. Either click on Continue Demo or Start Service Center.
    Note: By choosing Continue Demo you will only be able to use the instruments for a 15 minute time period. We recommend activating the product immediately after adding it to the KONTAKT Libraries tab by selecting Start Service Center.
    Start SC
  7. After Service Center opens the appropriate product will appear for product activation. Type in your serial and click on Activate. Finally restart KONTAKT.
    Service Center

Your library is now activated and ready to be used.Note: If you own AKOUSTIK PIANO or ELEKTRIK PIANO as part of the KOMPLETE 4 / KOMPLETE 5 bundle, it is recommended to run the respective KOMPLETE installer on your new system in order to use these Libraries in KONTAKT. When installing from a KOMPLETE installer select Custom and tick the products and libraries you wish to install. It is not recommended to use the Add Library function if no previous KOMPLETE installation can be found on the new computer. This can cause problems during the activation process. Make sure the latest updates of these products are installed on your system. KONTAKT 3.5.0 and higher requires the latest AKOUSTIK PIANO 1.1.3 / ELEKTRIK PIANO 1.5.0 R4 versions for a successful implementation of the Add Library function.

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