External Power Supply and Direct Thru with the TRAKTOR AUDIO 6 / 10

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The use of a power supply is necessary for the operation of the TRAKTOR AUDIO 10. The TRAKTOR AUDIO 6 can be powered from the USB bus of the computer and does not require a power supply.

Our current TRAKTOR SCRATCH product packages all include the external power supply. If you own an older TRAKTOR product which didn't include the power supply, you can purchase it separately in our online shop.

The use of the power supply for the TRAKTOR AUDIO 6 is only necessary if the Direct Thru function is being used when no computer is connected (for example for fixed installation of the soundcard in the club).

The advantage of using the integrated Direct Thru function of the TRAKTOR AUDIO interfaces is that you can seamlessly switch between virtual TRAKTOR mixing and analogue mixing (i.e. vinyl or CDJ mixing) without switching connections to the hardware mixer. In addition, the use of Multicore Cables is not needed  - standard RCA cables, which are much lighter and space saving, can be used instead.

In the control panel of the TRAKTOR AUDIO 6 / 10, a startup configuration for the input settings can be defined and permanently saved in the interface. The startup configuration will be loaded every time the TRAKTOR AUDIO 6/10 is powered up, even without a USB connection to a computer. In the example below, we explain how to save the startup configuration for the TRAKTOR AUDIO 10 (the same applies for TRAKTOR AUDIO 6).

  1. Make sure that the TRAKTOR AUDIO 10 is connected to the computer.
  2. Open the Control Panel of the TRAKTOR AUDIO 10

    • Mac: Macintosh HD > Applications > Native Instruments > Traktor Audio 10 Driver > "Traktor Audio 10 Control Panel"
    • Windows: C: > Program Files > Native Instruments > Traktor Audio 10 Driver > "ta10cpl.exe"

  3. In the Channel Setup menu, switch to the Startup tab.
    Startup Tab

    Note: While the Mac OS X control panel displays only the Channel Setup menu, the Windows control panel displays two additional menus, Audio Settings and Diagnostics. The startup configuration is done in both cases in the Channel Setup menu.
  4. In the Startup tab, click on the lock symbol to make changes, as indicated already in the control panel. The area around the lock will turn red and two SAVE and CANCEL buttons will appear to the right.
  5. Now you can select your input mode between Phono and Line (Input Sens) as well as enable / disable Direct Thru (Input Routing) individually for each channel of the TRAKTOR AUDIO 10. Once you have made the configuration according to your needs, click on SAVE to save the startup configuration (or CANCEL to leave without saving changes).
    Channel Setup


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