How to Record an External Audio Signal with MASCHINE 1

This article explains how to record an external signal in MASCHINE 1.

  1. Open the MASCHINE Audio and MIDI Settings (in the File menu), click on the Routing tab and go to the Input section.
  2. select the inputs on your audio interface the external audio source is connected to. In our example the external source is connected to the inputs 1 and 2 of the audio interface, so we select these inputs for MASCHINE's input channels 1 L and R
  3. Go to the sampler area in MASCHINE and open the Record tab.
  4. select Ext to prepare MASCHINE for recording an external source.
  5. Open the Input menu and select the channels you assigned your external audio source to (see step 2). In our example, we choose Input 1 L+R.
  6. If the external source is already playing, you will see an amplitude on the level meter. Activate the monitor button to listen to the signal.
  7. Adjust the Threshold value. When the START button is clicked, recording starts once the input level exceeds the Threshold.
  8. Click STOP to stop recording. The recorded sample appears in a small box below the waveform window and can be dragged and dropped to Sounds from there or be deleted by clicking on the small X in the upper right corner of the box.

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