Notes on selling your Native Instruments product

If you wish to sell your Native Instruments product, it is necessary to remove the serial number from your user account before it can become available to the next owner.

Please contact the Native Instruments Registration Support via the online form before selling the product and provide us with the information below:

  • The serial number of the product you wish to sell.
  • The email address this serial number is attached to.

Registration Support will inform you when the serial number has been removed from your account.

Additional info:

  • EDU and NFR product versions cannot be resold. Therefore, it is not possible to unlock serial numbers attached to such products.

  • If a product is removed from your user account, this will render all product upgrades based on this product as invalid. In this case, Registration support will contact you before deleting a product from your user account.
    For example: You own KOMPLETE 8 as well as a KOMPLETE 8 ULTIMATE upgrade based on it and contact Native Instruments to remove KOMPLETE 8 from your account. This would make your KOMPLETE 8 ULTIMATE product invalid.

  • When selling a third-party product (e.g. a KONTAKT PLAYER based Sample Library), permission from the library manufacturer (provided in written form) is usually required. Please contact NI Registration Support via email to find out if this applies to your product.

Note: If you wish to sell a Sample Library by one of the following manufacturers, permission is not necessary: Garritan, Loud GPO, Mackie, Sample Modeling, Sony ACID. This means you can authorize NI Registration Support to remove the respective serial number from your account.

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