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elektrik piano 1.1 won't load samples

Discussion in 'ELEKTRIK PIANO' started by dijonaise, Jul 11, 2007.

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  1. dijonaise

    dijonaise Forum Member

    i recently had my NI sample libraries drive die so i had to reinstall all the libraries for komplete3. elektrik piano will not load samples anymore. i have the program installed on the c: drive and the libraries on my h: drive (as i had before). when i loaded the program for the first time it asked me for the new location of my library, which i entered - and the program loaded fine. however, my 'file' menu is empty.

    h:\elektrik piano library has 3 files in it:


    i'm assuming that these are the correct files. in the options menu the path appears correct - but no samples can be loaded.

    what have i done wrong?
  2. andywilde_wimbledon

    andywilde_wimbledon NI Product Owner

    Attached is a pic of my open 1.5 Library folder (the one pointed to in 'options'); ignore the 1.5 stuff if you're still 1.1, but I think the 'default' folder and contents (not sure about 'impulses' for 1.1), and the instruments & performances folders need to be here in the hierarchy, as well as the actual sample databases, for EP to see them. Are you perhaps just pointing at the databases only ? (this is OSX, but think XP's the same)

    Attached Files:

  3. dijonaise

    dijonaise Forum Member

    ahhh..thanks a lot for that screenshot! turns out that i was missing the instruments and performances folders. i guess i thought the .nks files were all i needed. i guess when i lost my hard drive i only got the files from the elektrik piano library folder and didn't get the other.

    i reinstalled from dvd and then applied the upgrade and everything is working again. thanks!
  4. cycle60

    cycle60 NI Product Owner


    sweet molasses! your pic totally saved my day.

    i was trying to put the .nks files on an external drive instead of the default "library support folder" and was getting nothing but "corrupt library" error messages. many thx.
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