Massive not recognising .nmsv files?

Discussion in 'MASSIVE' started by Teknizm, Nov 29, 2011.

  1. Teknizm

    Teknizm New Member


    I have Latest version of NI Massive and still does not want to recognise .nmsv files?

    It will only recognise .ksd files?

    I think .nmsv files are the new format but it shouldn't matter if I have the latest update

    installed? I have Massive installed on both PC and Mac and still nothing...

    Any Idea's would be greatly Appreciated as this is doing my head in! :angry:

    Thanks in Advance
  2. nielsdolieslager

    nielsdolieslager Forum Member

    If you click on the Massive logo when you can't load nmsv files, does it show version 1.3.0?
  3. Teknizm

    Teknizm New Member

    It Says


    1.1.5 (R1967)

    Thanks man I Just Realised I'm an idiot hah I thought I was the king because I had a Later update then

    the 1.3 that everyones been talking about, but turns out I only had version ""1.ONE.3 :confused:

    upgraded to 1.1.5...

    So version 1.3.0 is the latest hey?

    Thanks Dude yew

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