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NEW Kontakt nylon Guitar Sample Library for FREE. ClassicFREE | Pettinhouse.com

Discussion in 'Third-Party Sample Libraries' started by pettinhouse, Sep 23, 2009.

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  1. pettinhouse

    pettinhouse Forum Member


    I've released a new FREE download. ClassicFREE, a new free nylon guitar sample library for Kontakt 2-3 and 4.

    Based on ClassicGuitar Full ClassicFREE has the same quality of the big brother:

    Stereo acoustic nylon guitar finger style DRY samples.
    Sweet sounding, warm, with solid bass, dynamic sound, perfect for any kind of finger style music.

    - 169 unique samples
    - 4 layers
    - Round robin played with index and middle finger
    - Release samples for each note.

    Audio demos:




    You can Download ClassicGuitarFREE in my download page: http://www.pettinhouse.com
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