MP3 Demo Songs played with ELEKTRIK PIANO (MP3, 192 kbps).

Moloko Demo:
The Maze (1:00 / 1.2 MB, 160kbps) A hypnotic little number, courtesy of Moloko's Ed.

Michael Bearden Demo:
Doobi (0:43 / 0.98 MB) A quick funky flowing jam courtesy of Michael Bearden.

MK 1 Demos:
DANCE ON FIVE (0:33 / 764 KB) is dedicated to another genius of our time, Herbie Hancock, who influenced everybody out there with his incredible versatility.

KINDA BALLAD (0:36 / 836 KB) is devoted to David Foster and his trademark chorusing sound that can be heard on hundreds of productions over the last twenty years. A chorused version of the MK1 was used for this demo.

MK 2 Demos:
WANNA BE FUNKY (0:32 / 752 KB) could remind some of a very famous Stevie Wonder tune which was originally played on a Clavinet.

MY SPANISH FLAVOUR (0:46 / 1 MB) was made while thinking of Chick Corea and the strong Latin influence he gave to his music.

A200 Demos:
ARE U MAD (0:27 / 620 KB) – this demo shows off the A200’s funky side, with a typical panning/speaker rotation effect applied.

BREAKFAST IN BERLIN (0:39 / 912 KB) is strongly reminiscent of a famous Supertramp song. It was created with the essential A200 patch of the library and uses some slight reverb.

E7 Demos:
SWINGY (0:32 / 748 KB) – a laid-back swing groove, which elegantly shows off the clav’s unique staccato qualities and one-of-a-kind response characteristics.

BACK ON 70 (0:29 / 672 KB) was created in a funky 70´s style with the essential E7 patch of the library. It contains a bit of Elektrik Piano´s reverb.

No additional effects were used - just plain Elektrik Piano.
All demos composed and played by Danilo Madonia.
Music copyright by Danworks©