On Board Soundcards:
TRAKTOR DJ Studio functions in principle with any soundcard, as well as with the current on-board sound chips. However, since internal soundcards generally only have one stereo output (right and left channels), you must decide whether you will do without the pre-listen function altogether or instead play back the mix on one mono channel (R) and prelisten on the other channel (L). If you want to play the mix back in stereo and prelisten as well you will need a multi-channel soundcard.

An unpleasant side effect often found with many cheaper on-board soundcards is the latency of the soundcard drivers. Latency is the delay between the command (play, stop, etc.) and the sound of the audio output. The latency with Direct Sound and MME drivers (Windows systems only) generally lies above 20 ms and is thus clearly noticeable.
Professional Multi-Channel Soundcards:
For live performances and studio applications Native Instruments recommends a multi-channel soundcard with at least 4 analog outputs (4 x mono or 2 x stereo). This is the only way you can simultaneously play back the mix in stereo and prelisten with headphones. Four outputs are also necessary if you want to send the independent stereo signals of the two decks to a hardware DJ mixer. The soundcard should have high-quality ASIO 2.0 drivers (and OS X compatibility for Mac users), so that the latency can be reduced to an indiscernible value (less than 12 ms).

Important Note: TRAKTOR DJ Studio can only use one soundcard at a time. Multiple outputs cannot be obtained by purchasing a second soundcard.

One example of a compact, fast and inexpensive external multi-channel audio interface for Windows and Mac is the Echo Indigo DJ, which has 2 x 2 stereo outputs (one for headphones).

External multi-channel Soundcards:
Below find a selection of external soundcards that have been used successfully by TRAKTOR users. Although most the following cards have worked for both NI and TRAKTOR users, there can still be problems with certain system configurations. For this reason you should be sure your dealer offers a return policy or else test the card before purchasing.

  • Echo Indigo DJ (PCMCIA - ASIO 2.0, Win, Mac, Mac OS X)
    RME Hammerfall DSP Multiface (PCMCIA - ASIO 2.0, Win, Mac, Mac OS X, plus MIDI)
    M-Audio Quattro (4 In/4 Out, ASIO 2.0, Win, Mac, Mac OS X)
    Digiram VXPocket 440 (PCMCIA - ASIO 2.0, Win, Mac, Mac OS X)
    Motu Traveler (Firewire, ASIO 2.0, Win, Mac OS X)
    Motu 828 (Firewire, ASIO 2.0, Win, Mac, Mac OS X)
    Echo Layla24, Mona or Gina plus extra PCMCIA adapter (PCMCIA - ASIO 2.0, Win, Mac, Mac OS X)
    Audiotrak Maya44 usb
    Terratec Phase 26 USB
    Edirol FA-101
    ESI Gigaport AG (USB - ASIO 2.0, Win, Mac, Mac OS X)
    ESI Aqua U24M (USB - ASIO 2.0, Win, Mac OS X)
    And others
Internal Soundcards (for desktops only)
The number of internal soundcards on the market is so huge that specific suggestions would be difficult to make. However, multi-channel soundcards are available from manufacturers like (in alphabetical order): Aardvark, Audiotrak, Creamware, Creative, Digidesign, Digigram, Echo, Edirol, Ego-Sys (ESI), Emagic, Emu, Frontier Design Group, Gadget Labs, Hoontech, Korg, Lynx, M-Audio, MOTU, RME, SEK'D, Sonorus, Terratec and others.

Internal soundcards should also have at least 4 outputs, ASIO 2.0 drivers or Mac OS X Core Audio compatibility. The actual latency of the cards can vary greatly so you should test the cards with TRAKTOR before purchasing or inform yourself about its performance through other users in the TRAKTOR Online Forum.
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