Installation Instructions Please follow these instructions if you are the owner of NI KOMPLETE 2 and upgrade your existing Panther installation to Tiger or if you make a fresh Tiger installation. You don't need to read the following in case you simply upgraded your Panther installation to Tiger on the same partition (the default Tiger upgrade option). In this case Panther is no longer available, the System ID didn't change and NI KOMPLETE 2 works just as usual without re-authorization. If you install Tiger on a new partition (or reformatted disk) or if you use the 'Archive and Install' option during the Tiger installation you need to re-authorize NI KOMPLETE 2 by means of the Registration Fix that you can download below. Before you install from the NI KOMPLETE 2 DVD please run the NI KOMPLETE 2 Registration Fix application first: Download NI KOMPLETE 2 Registration Fix for Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger (.zip, 1.1 MB) Important: For detailed step-by-step installation instructions, please read the included Komplete 2 Tiger install read-me (unpacked with the installer file). Please note that you may need to point to the sample library paths for the sample line products again. – That's all, we hope you enjoy NI Komplete 2 on your new Tiger system!