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The past, present and future of Native Instruments is fundamentally connected to the individuals that drive it forward. With their individual passions and perspectives, CEO Daniel Haver and CTO/President Mate Galic perfectly symbolize the technological and economical vision of the company.


Daniel Haver joined the founding team of Native Instruments in 1997 as a shareholder and Managing Director. As an avid fan of electronic music, he was fascinated both with the sonic possibilities of software synthesis, and with the wider creative implications of audio software. As a passionate entrepreneur who had previously owned a media design studio in Hamburg, he also recognized the business potential of the emerging computer revolution in the musical instruments domain.

Daniel Haver first outfit Native Instruments with solid business structures, and created a long-term marketing and distribution plan. A crucial element was the setup of US representation in Los Angeles, which became Native Instruments North America, Inc. in 2002. He also guided the creation of a diversified portfolio, evolving the initial „Reaktor" software technology into the „Komplete" line of software instruments and effects, and initiating breakthrough products such as the digital DJ platform „Traktor" and the groove production system „Maschine". His passion for industrial and GUI design also defined the distinctive look and feel of the company’s products, and his strong marketing background allowed him to define a highly distinctive brand that contributed to Native Instruments' unique status in its industry.

Together with CTO and President Mate Galic, Daniel Haver defined a long-term vision for Native Instruments as early as 1999, which enabled its evolution from an engineering-centric software start-up to an internationally established technology leader. Today, Daniel Haver remains the driving force behind all strategic decisions, as well as a pursuer of a systematic expansion course on all fronts. His passion for sports challenges, which made him spend his teenage years on the motocross circuit, is nowadays realized in sporadic snowboarding, wakeboarding and kite surfing trips.
CEO Daniel Haver


As a DJ, producer, label owner and journalist, Mate Galic was one of the most prolific figures in Europe's burgeoning techno scene of the '90s. His strong passion for sound and for the continuous evolution of electronic music made him a relentless explorer of all related technology. At that time, the advent of real-time audio processing on computers hinted at a new world of creative possibilities beyond established instruments and music production equipment. Mate was especially fascinated by the possibility to translate the demands of a new and undogmatic generation of electronic artists into profoundly innovative technology for music creation, live performance and sound design.

When Mate came across Native Instruments' groundbreaking synthesis software "Generator", he was immediately electrified by its vast creative implications, and joined the company as shareholder in 1998. Starting out in the role of an evangelist who would foster the creative exchange between the company and its growing community of users on the cutting edge of forward-thinking electronic music, Mate became progressively more involved in product design and eventually played a crucial role behind many milestones in the NI portfolio.

As Chief Technology Officer, President and Deputy CEO, Mate Galic today directs the technological research, product design and development at Native Instruments. His personal mission is to further advance a paradigm of inspirational music technology that is profoundly innovative while remaining accessible to musicians of all backgrounds, with products that fully utilize the ever-increasing power of computer technology to continuously realize the company claim "The Future of Sound".
CTO/President Mate Galic