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You can also add effects in KOMPLETE KONTROL. The Plug-in Chain is where you will host your instrument and effects. You should think of the Chain as a way to layer different effects units after your original instrument sound.

Loading an Effect after your Instrument

To load an effect, click on the Plug-in Chain panel button. Select the blank slot to the right of your instrument. Click on the All Effects tab in the Browser to display the range of effects units, then select Guitar Rig. In the TYPES tab select Delay, then Digital. Double-click the preset Pimped Delay to load it into the Plug-in Chain.
Now you have loaded a delay effect! Play your keyboard to hear how it affects your sound.

Layering Effects

Layer multiple effects on top of each other by selecting a new slot in the Plug-in Chain and repeating the process above.

Swapping Effects

Swap effects by selecting the slot in the Plug-in Chain and using the browser to search for your new effect. Double-click the new effect to load it and replace the old effect.

Bypassing and Deleting Effects

Bypass an effect by clicking on the power icon in the top left corner of the Plug-in slot. Delete an effect by clicking on the ‘x’ in the top right corner of the Plug-in slot.