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What soundtrack pros say about EVOLVE MUTATIONS 2


"Evolve Mutations 2 is one of the most exciting tools you can imagine to compose and produce music. It’s dynamic, imaginative, edgy and playful. I'm getting addicted, so my fear now is how long we'll have to wait for what comes next! GREAT STUFF!"

Javier Navarrete, Academy Award Nominated Composer (Pans Labyrinth, Inkheart, The Warrior’s Way)
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"Heavyocity has raised the bar again. Mutations 2 is another must have for any composer's arsenal. Not only does it sound great, but the sounds are highly useable and sit just right in a mix."

John Debney, Academy Award Nominated Composer (Iron Man 2, The Passion of the Christ, Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor, Sin City and many more)
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"As a remixer, I'm always looking for new sounds that bring fresh attitude to a track. Evolve Mutations 2 has the most inspiring collection of sonics under one instrument, that I've heard in years! When it comes to edgy glitchy, industrial beats, nothing comes close. If I'm looking to elevate the atmospherics and deepen the production, Evolve Mutations 2 is the first place I go."

Jez Colin, Remixer/Producer/Composer (Alanis Morissette, Bebel Gilberto, Morcheeba, The Latin Project, produced trailer scores for: District 9, Terminator Salvation, The Informant, Men Who Stare At Goats, Nightmare On Elm Street, G.I. Joe)
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"This library is a beast! It opens up a whole new playground for keeping the "sound of the sound" alive and responsive—and, above all, inspiring. Like its predecessors, it makes me want to hang out in my studio for days on end and just explore. The Trigger FX function adds a whole new dimension, making it seriously addictive to explore even deeper, effectively banishing the "been there, heard that" personality of so many other libraries. With Mutations 2 Heavyocity have 'upped the game'… again."

Lee Sanders, Composer (The Amazing Race, The Bachelor, Project Runway)
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"Do you hear that sound? That's my brain exploding while trying to imagine all the sonic possibilities that Mutations 2 offers. The Trigger FX alone are fantastic. Combine those with the entirely new and hip sounds from Heavyocity's twisted imagination and you've got an amazing package."

Jason Graves, BAFTA Award Winning Composer (Dead Space, Command and Conquer 4, City of Heroes)
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"Mutations 2 takes Heavyocity’s sound into an even more customizable, destructive realm. The programming and 'Trigger FX’ switching in this new set of sounds eliminates huge amounts of time I normally spend personalizing sounds. Out of the box, Mutations 2 once again fits nicely with the style I write. Adding in the ‘on the fly’ effects key-switching makes this this collection a MUST BUY."

Kevin Riepl, Composer (Crackdown 2, Aliens Colonial Marines, Gears of War, Unreal 3)
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"Just when Evolve had become one of my ‘go to’ musical sound design instruments, Heavyocity piles on the awesomeness with Mutations 2. I love the new designy pads, great new hits, the new interface and the real time trigger FX. 2 thumbs way up and a big grin on my face. Very useful stuff!"

Charles Deenen, Audio Director - Electronic Arts (Need for Speed Series), Sound Designer (Feature Film Trailers, The Fast & Furious 1/2)
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"The guys at Heavyocity have raised the bar again! EVOLVE MUTATIONS 2 delivers a new kick-ass set of inspiring, great sounding, very playable loops and instrument patches. Letting you play, process and “evolve” the sounds in real time using just your keyboard and key commands, EVOLVE MUTATIONS 2 delivers like nothing else. I’m hooked!"

Cato, Composer ( Mini’s First Time, Smokin’ Aces (opening cue) and 200+ film trailers incl. Sherlock Holmes, Spider-Man 1/2/3, Wall-E)
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"With my daily composing work I need to produce a lot of music and very fast,
but also music that sounds fully produced and in high quality. This is
exactly what Evolve Mutations 2 gives me, and then some! The quality of the samples is superb, and the loops are flawless. On top of that this library is very easy to operate, so it just makes my life easier. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND."

Inon Zur, Composer (Dragon Age Origins, Prince of Persia Series, Fallout 3)
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"Evolve Mutations 2 take the core musical and sonic coolness of Evolve to a
completely different level. The sounds are extreme and evocative. A really
great tool for anyone in music production."

Brian Tyler, Composer (Law Abiding Citizen, Fast & Furious, Eagle Eye, Bangkok Dangerous)
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"Mutation 2 is a Monster of a sequel! I especially love the new Trigger fx section! Brilliant!"

Sascha Dikiciyan, Composer (MAG, Prototype, Splinter Cell 4, Borderlands and Quake Series)
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