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The high-end studio setup of Richard Z. Kruspe is made up of several key components, that each rely on the others to deliver his characteristic full-spectrum sound. Each step of the recording process has been directly and accurately re-created in RAMMFIRE.

AMP: Mesa/Boogie Dual Rectifier Rev. C (#105)

Built in 1992, this is one of the legendary Dual Rectifiers carrying a pre-500 serial number. Of course, thanks to complex circuitry, no two amps sound exactly the same – but these rare models are said to be of the highest quality, possessing a sound which fans claim was never bettered in further production runs. It's a well loved, sought after amp famed for its high gain, unique attack speed and versatile control.
CABINETS: 2 x Mesa/Boogie 4x12

Both are the same build of classic Rectifier cabinets, but one is an original from 1992, the second is a more recent model – you will find they differ in sound and response noticeably. Richard explains this with the aging of the magnets and internal components, nicknaming the older one his 'vintage cabinet'.
MICROPHONES: Neumann M149 + Telefunken U47

Richard Z. Kruspe's tried and tested favorites are key for the distinctive recording sound in his studio. Both these long-term residents are attached to a robotic arm, allowing remote adjustment of the mic's placement in relation to the cabinets without leaving the mixing desk.
PREAMP: AMS/Neve 1081

A handmade legend from a legendary brand, this is the guitarist's pre-amp of choice - again, he gave every possible preamp a test-run, but he always came back to this favorite for its pristine tone and characteristic EQ boost.


All of the equipment we've detailed above is accurately re-created in RAMMFIRE. Aside from 20 ready-to-rock presets, it offers a two-fold approach to sound design through different cabinet & mic modules.

The Control Room feature is like a virtual mixing desk within RAMMFIRE. It allows you to fine-tune your mix, choosing precise blends between the different Matched Cabinets, with or without EQ, and the 2 different Microphones, with or without Pre-amp, so there's a huge range of tone and character to choose from. Choose from presets designed by Richard Z. Kruspe himself, or go deeper and design your own custom tone with the eight faders and pan-pots.

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