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Explore professional sample libraries produced by other manufacturers, made for KONTAKT 6 or the free KONTAKT 6 PLAYER.

Drums & Perc.

  • DrumMic'a!


    Sennheiser and Neumann.Berlin proudly present their virtual drum instrument DrumMic'a! for Kontakt Player 5. This sophisticated library is the perfect drum machine for a grand variety of music productions - most notable: it is FREEWARE! The concept: Experience the distinct "sound shaping factor" of 15 Sennheiser and Neumann high end microphones at different miking positions, recorded on a high class drum kit in a real, professional studio. DrumMic'a! features more than 13.000 audio samples - superb sound which can be mixed and processed via the integrated studio environment. As well as 1370 authentic MIDI grooves, played by a real professional drummer. Ready to be used with your own music tracks. Sennheiser und Neumann.Berlin have set quality standards in microphone design and, for many decades, are known as global innovators. Microphones of both brands can be found in the inventories of nearly every professional recording and production studio around the world, as well as on the technical tour riders of most national and international music greats. Taste the famous sound of their finest microphones. Checkout the differences. And produce your tracks with the virtual drum instrument DrumMic'a!

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  • Transistor Revolution MKII

    Wave Alchemy

    Transistor Revolution MKII is a virtual analogue drum machine for Kontakt Player inspired by the classic TR-808 and TR-909 electronic drum machines of the 1980s. Using a custom GUI, 22,000 samples and Kontakt 5's advanced sampling engine with over 100,000 lines of unique script, Transistor Revolution MKII aims to capture the tone, immediacy and groove of the classic TR-808 and TR-909 transistor rhythm machines. The latest Transistor Revolution MKII update features a vastly improved workflow, new GUI, 16-track step sequencer, master tape section and much more!

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  • Sasha Soundlab


    AudioRaiders has invaded Sasha’s studio to bring you the first collection of sounds and software instruments that truly capture the heart and soul of one of electronic dance music’s most iconic producers. This is not just a sample library. You can customize every sound and loop to fit your own style.

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  • RiG: Urban Workstation

    Big Fish Audio

    Attention all hip hop, R&B, and pop producers: a new essential for your studio is here with RiG Urban Workstation. A complete rig of Instruments, Synths, Vocals, Loops, Drums and Sound FX for Urban Production. Big Fish Audio has tapped the engineers at Vir2 and the finest producers at Big Fish Audio to create a workstation tailor made for the hip hop and R&B producer.

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    DRUMASONIC is authentic drum sampling in its perfection. A virtual instrument that lets you intuitively shape your individual drum sound by combining different microphone positions, levels and recording rooms. Thanks to perfect phase correlation, all the mics go together flawlessly. The intelligent user interface allows for an extremely efficient workflow. True Surround sound, free velocity/keyboard/MIDI mapping as well as comprehensive snare resonance and hi-hat concepts are only some of DRUMASONIC‘s exciting and outstanding features.

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  • Infinite Player DL

    Sonic Reality

    Sonic Reality’s “Infinite Player” is the gateway to an expandable world of Sonic Reality sounds for Kontakt and Kontakt Player. Once you have the Infinite Player (also bundled with other SR Kontakt products) you can then add more sounds to this expandable sonic workstation within Kontakt. The Infinite Player DL package starts you off with a variety of sounds from the Infinite Player series such as a multitrack drum kit, deluxe grand piano and your choice of a multisample or loop collection for an amazing price of just $50. This product is one of the least expensive entry level Kontakt Player products to qualify for crossgrades to full Kontakt or Komplete!

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  • Cinema Sessions Gold Edition

    Sonic Reality

    Cinema Sessions Gold Edition is the ultimate tool kit of “Scoring Effects”. It is a discounted bundle of four Cinema Sessions volumes: Symphonic Effects, Global Atmospheres, Dimensional Effects and Ambient Atmospheres. A must have for any composer or multimedia producer. Instant top quality musical effects from orchestral wild takes to exotic sounds from all over the world to 3 dimensional transition cues and ethereal evolving pads.

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  • Serafine FX Tron

    Sonic Reality

    Serafine FX Tron is a complete sound effects workstation created with legendary sound designer Frank Serafine (Star Trek, Hunt for Red October, Lawnmower Man, Tron), with over 13,000 sound effects covering every category you can instantly shape, reverse, layer, stretch and warp effects to suit any need for film, video or any media project. Match sound effects to dialog using convolution and more.

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