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Explore professional sample libraries produced by other manufacturers, made for KONTAKT 6 or the free KONTAKT 6 PLAYER.


  • Quantum

    Emergence Audio

    Uniquely processed analog/modular synths and organic instruments, long evolving pads, textures, soundscapes, pulses, drones and more.

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  • Acousmatic Engine

    Cymatic Form

    Probing the realms of Sci-Fi Noir, Lovecraftian Horror and Steampunk sound worlds with 500 surreal and thematic Kontakt Instruments, Acousmatic Engine provides characteristic sound inspiration with instruments ranging from the unique yet traditional to the completely unimagined, possessing unique sonic lusters and advanced sound design. Get ready to explore a deep collection of otherworldly sounds that will enliven film, game and music compositions across genres.

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  • Elysium

    Wide Blue Sound

    Motion has Evolved. ELYSIUM is an inspiring, multi-timbral synth for creating music with tonal rhythms, movement, and unrivaled playability. With an entirely new way to create striking percussive pulses, beautiful organic arpeggios, and evolving pads, Elysium simply cannot be replicated by any other synth on the market.

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  • Bioscape


    Field recordings merge together in a sonic kaleidoscope of found sound cinematics - from underscoring pads to drones, pulses and textures. Bioscape is a Kontakt instrument that is based on field recordings and found sounds, particularly suitable for game and filmscore composers, made for the free Kontakt Player and supports sample drag & drop.

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    Laboratory Audio

    STRIKEFORCE is a brand new cinematic percussion library from Laboratory Audio. Massive ensemble drums with lots of character, ready to blow up the movie screen. The uniquely designed STRIKEFORCE user interface makes it a breeze to create BIG, natural sounding, cinematic drum beats. 43 GB uncompressed (18.6 GB NI lossless compression)
, 129 Instruments Total, 115 Ensembles (6vl 16rr) Instruments

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  • Lunaris


    Lunaris contains unparalleled pads from classic analog pads to lush ambient pads plus a selection of sequenced pads, underscoring pads, rhythmic pads and dark pads including 30 original Luftrum pads from the Prophet-6. Lunaris is 4.5GB and ships with 250 presets created by world-class sound designers as Arksun, Bigtone, Himalaya, Luftrum, Martin Walker, Adam Pietruszko, Twolegs Toneworks and Brandon Clark. At the heart of Lunaris are 200 sound sources of multisampled pads, field recordings, synth transients and soundscapes available to mix, sculpt and shape into the perfect pad structure. Not only is Lunaris a dream pad machine, it is also a full bodied creative tool that can excel at anything from soundscapes to synth leads, as well as drones and organic textures, complementing both the producer, composer and the sound designer.

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  • Electro City

    Sample Logic

    ELECTRO CITY is a super flexible, dynamic rhythmic sequencing and effects engine accompanied by a world-class loop library — perfect for all styles of electronic music production. Powered by Native Instruments’ industry-standard KONAKT PLAYER platform, ELECTRO CITY generates grooves that define the future of electronic music and redefine how rhythmic beats and melodic loops are produced. Effortlessly design infinite rhythmic sequences, melodic phrases and beat loops by stacking and shaping up to four loop sources, inside four loop cores, for playback, while executing crazy and creative audio effects processing in realtime. Start from the simplest fundamental beat and work towards masterful complexities with ELECTRO CITY’S intuitive interface to create elaborate looping rhythmic and melodic productions.

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  • Ensemblia 2 Percussive

    Cinematique Instruments

    A percussive powerhouse with over 600 beats and over 200 instruments and surely on of the coolest percussion tools out there so far. It is provides nearly all kinds of instruments in one instrument: from orchestral and world percussion to regular drum sounds as well as domestic, glitch and electronic sounds. Beside an easy-to-use Multi Beat Engine where you can independently set several time signatures in one beat, it is equipped with lots of powerful features and finally a warm and intimate sample content. And everything is right at your fingertips powered by NI Kontakt Player.

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