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Mandelbrot set

render the Mandelbrot set - zoomable

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0.95 (Updated 4 years ago)
May 25, 2016
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Yo some nerdcore stuff!

This instrument calculates a colorized Mandelbrot set image

there is the possibility to zoom using the mouse via square with the left mousebutton (zoom to section) or rightclick (zoom out)

Tried some things to produce sound with it, but the first attempts weren't really pleasant :/

Have fun!


new in version 0.95:

snapshot support
switchable resolution (up to 400x400),
some color schemes


4 years ago
This should be interesting to experiment with! Thank You Jan Brähler!...
4 years ago
hypnotizing... nice work.
Rasmus Jakobsen
4 years ago
Some sort of scanned synthesis similar to: ( but with the panned and zoomed Mandelbrot set as the modulated object being scanned - might yield something interesting. E.g. scanned line by line generating a waweform for each line would probably - for the example image shown generate a sweep of some sort. The time going from line to line could then be used to change the sweep speed. If you could then move around and zoom in the Mandelbrot set in realtime and have the sound follow that could be really cool. It would probably require some sort of precalculation. E.g. calculating an area larger than what you zoom into so that you could pan into the neighbouring areas and still have a smooth sound.
Christoph Thompson
4 years ago
Great, fantastic implementation!
Jan Brähler
4 years ago
yo! welcome! maybe someone has an idea how to read musical / soundscape information from it :)
4 years ago
This nerd thanks you for this marvelous gift!
Brett Lavallee
4 years ago
Beautiful, thank you.