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MTX Synth 1

Matrix synth

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V 2.6 (Updated 3 years ago)
May 27, 2016
Reaktor 6


Sorry for my English.
This is my first job, a simple synth with a matrix for modulation controls. I thank all users for ensembles created that gave me inspiration for my work.

Upgrade V2.6
Added block sequencer
added new snapshots

Upgrade V1.1
Fixed bug display LED clock sync
Increased pitch value Matrix
added new snapshots


Klas Linder
3 years ago
Nice one!
Scott Moncrieff
3 years ago
Thanks, great polyphonic synthesizer, nice features controls and layout, it sounds excellent, more patches would be a welcome edition. An arp or gate would be rather cool to addition on to it also ;-)
Mauro Biagini
3 years ago
"Vol" is the control for volume pedal (CC8). Thanks for the comments
Christian Huygen
3 years ago
Nice work. Reminds me of the MatrixBrute, and that's a good thing. On Control 1-3, does "vol" mean keyboard velocity?
3 years ago
Thanks, Mauro.