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Ratcheting Drum Sequencer..(not just for drums)

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V1.1r (Updated 4 years ago)
June 04, 2016
Reaktor 6
Instrument Sequencer


RDS fixes/additions 1.1r
Row velocity outs fixed,now output range 0-1
No.of hits and Spacing controls now real time control
Snap-reset now works as expected.
polyplex kit selector-now works as expected and switching on sends kit value.
CVa/b/c selectors now have correct names.
CV Rows now reset properly.
Lfos now reset properly
Added +/- buttons to the snapseq’s snapshot selector for remote midi control.+ added flash!
8 x Rows of Drum programming
each row consists of :
16 x steps in a pattern
8 x pattern(with basic chaining controls and copy/paste) giving 128 steps a row in total.
Direction,start,legnth,shuffle, clock, and step vairiation.note out,master +/-velocity,Solo,and midi channel out select.
Each step has : On/Off,velocity,No. of hits per step,Spacing control and a +/- velocity for rachetts.
There is a Snap Sequencer that allows you to "chain" snapshots together,to create longer more involved sequences.(Song mode)
Also includes are 9 x CV sequencers and 6 x Lfo's, with 32 mod destinations.
There are a few snapshots and a basic drum map player.I’ve yet to explore it’s possibilities.
This is version 1.00r so there may be a few oddities/nonfunctions, so if you come across any please let me know.
If you would like to make a donation feel free :
tutorials to follow.
Thanks to : colB,Trial&Error,QuietSchoolboy and Herw
as always experiment and enjoy.


Catman Dude
2 years ago
Oh, Mike, you've done it again! Do they still say something's the Bomb? Whatever the answer, this is still kaboom!
Petty Vendetta
4 years ago
Good golly. Just what I always wanted! Thanks so much Michael. Keep on inventing!
4 years ago
less rigid grid? just found your VSS2! OMG!
4 years ago
Wow, Numerology made better(, with the snapseq.) Superwellmade! Any way to nudge or delay the trigs would be awesome. That way the grid would be less rigid. (Could be i overlooked this though)
Qalx Qhaen
4 years ago
Veeerry good modular drum seq! exactly what i need. Cheerz
Fedor Mihailovich
4 years ago
Once again you made huge multifunctional sequencer, all honour to you, dear Michael! TBH, I can't understand all that fuss around Maschine Seq, which looks like a dwarf in comparison with your creature (no offence to nice people from NI, though :))...
Paul Weber
4 years ago
Damn... I'm blaggerfasted....This beast is really deep - I'll run out of life for lack of time to master it. Really think you ought to adapt a "freemium" model in which whoever wants manuals and tuts has to pony up some dosh, you really deserve it.
neil rosson
5 years ago
Awesome work.
michael lancaster
5 years ago
For PolyPlex connections(or any other sound module) high light the polyplex inst. and go to its properties(in edit mode) and under connect tab tick the rds rows you want to use.If you want to use the kit selector also connect to Ens-RDS1 v1.00 which will also allow midi vol(if set up on receiver) and snapshot control. PolyPlex uses layered samples (unto 4 per vioce) so you will encounter note stealing esp. with lots of ratchetts. the first tutorial is up.Any problems just ask
Kimmo Kivelä
5 years ago
Must be easy... but how to connect to Polyplex?
5 years ago
Thanks Mike.