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maschine mk1 sequencer

template for the new maschine sequencer (MK1 controller)

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June 09, 2016
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Instrument Sequencer


This is a template i made to control the new maschine sequencer ensemble by native instrument. a lot of people are asking for make it available for the MK1 controller too, as the original one work only with MK2 .


Randall Packer
3 years ago
Is there an accompanying Maschine Template file that goes with this Ensemble?
Randall Packer
3 years ago
Does this actually work with the MK1? I see conflicting comments. Can anyone clarify if it works?
robert trifunovic
3 years ago
Can someone explain please. I see this as ens. not a t template for controller.. thanks
David Alvarado
3 years ago
yes.. this is an .ens file, not a template file
Anthony Valenzisi
3 years ago
this is a .ens file make this an ensemble file.
deutsch christophe
3 years ago
No, this the template file for controller editor
3 years ago
This is an ensemble, not a template file for the controller editor?
3 years ago