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Some oldies amped up

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June 09, 2016
Reaktor 5 or lower


On my way to doing something else, I ran into this interesting old friend and thought I'd bring her back around… She's one brilliant bit of UL genius from Chet Singer (Prepared Guitar—wow:, a bit tricked out with good old Monoliner, pestered by some basic LFOs so as not to sit too still, jacked up by FlatBlaster and with the option to freque with Banaan Electrique if that's what you seque. I find all these extras a nice little car to drive PrepGuit and other friends around in, so please bring along any other choice noise-er of your pref, of course. Have a nice day.

PS. Now saved in R5; it's nothing new.
I work it, as with most big-rack seq'ed stuff, with most panels off and snaps set to follow clicked instruments, then just snap around, very little panel adjusting needed. Most of the instant-grat fun is in mucking with the seq and LFOs; don't forget to rndm Mono…

It's also interesting to switch Banaan on and off rhythmically; anyone know of a snap utility or some little math function to add to one that might both randomize snap switching as well as alternate between one bypass snap and random others?

Click the screenshot to see my favorite adaptation of this set-up using free FX from Boscomac


tkmt kkc
2 years ago
David Coffin
3 years ago
Well, THAT'S great to hear, Christian, thanks. Everyone should meet their inner Jimi, IMO, so pleased to have helped:) MINE is why I own Reaktor in the first place.
Christian Huygen
3 years ago
Oh my LORD. I thought I needed a Korg Kronos or Z1 to do physical modeling with lots of crazed modulations and effects... and here's THIS. THIS. Beyond. My inner Jimi (I didn't know I had one!) is very pleased.
3 years ago
Thankx, okay 1 MB not 1 kB!
David Coffin
3 years ago
Done, sorry!
3 years ago
Dave -- zip you files before uploading please. rar = 1kB