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Calculated and semi-controlled-random machine noises

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June 11, 2016
Reaktor 5 or lower


In my project of renewing acquaintance with old favorite ensembles, I dropped in on my mangled-up version of the great UL PM device ReZone and made a bunch of new snaps for it. Dressed it up in the AggessionUnit of course, then spent the day tailoring these two to suit one another. First major step was to add the marvelous Snapshot_Functions+ module from JTremblay into Rezone—oh my!—then on to finding just the right added FX. Here's the result.

I made some Master snaps to try to demo the levels of random (I get to these by clicking on the ensemble background, and to each instrument's snaps by clicking on the instrument) available herein. The mp3s attached each step through these master snaps, first with the snap-automation in Rezone off, but increasingly randomized and effected layers added from the seq and the FX. Then I did the same with the snaps automated, then after the R5 reload, I added a track using the looper.

I found the snapshot module caused some problems when changing and saving snaps in other instruments, so I left Rezone open so I could turn off the timer as needed to save other snaps; never did figure out how to avoid that…

Update: Added a neat little looping recorder, extracted from this cool old UL upload:
I stripped out the demo sample player it had, but otherwise as is. There's good directions inside it, but basically, just turn it on, set a length, drag the cut-off slider all the way up, set the mix to off so you can hear what's rolling by and hit Store when you want it, and it'll automatically grab the set length of audio and then start looping it, which you can hear by turning the mix to full on. Back off the mix if you want to add back some or all of the not-looping audio.

Also changed the snap randomizer to an earlier version that doesn't have the snap breeder, etc. that the newer one has, otherwise the same, plus now you can see the banks and snaps settings at the same time.

AND I then zipped up the ensemble; thank you Paule for calling me on forgetting to do that!

Saved in 5, But with different Master Snaps, since it seems to crash R5 to try to load Master snaps saved in 6:(


3 years ago
Dave, good to downgrade to Reaktor 5.