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The VCOSCILLATOR generates periodic waveforms.

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Marius H.
1.0 (Updated 3 years ago)
July 29, 2016
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The VCOSCILLATOR generates periodic waveforms within a total frequency range from .01 to 40 kHz. It produces sine, triange, sawtooth, and rectangular waveforms simultaneously.

The frequency of all waveforms and the width of the rectangular waveform are both controllable.
Complementary auxiliary outputs and provisions for triggered waveform clamping are included. Typical applications include audio signal generation and control signal generation for modulation of other signals.

The SEMI/OCT switch selects the span of the 'FREQ' control, which can be either 2 or 12 octave steps.

The SUB/AUDIO switch selects either Audio or Subaudio ranges, with considerable overlab.
In 'Sub' position the Oscillator acts like a LFO.

The 'FREQ' control operates within a span of 2 or 12 octaves.

The RANGE switch selects one of six octave steps.

The 'WIDTH' control varies the phase width of the rectangular wave from 1% to 99%.

The 'CLAMPING' control specifies the clamping point within the waforms total cycle. The clamping action occurs instantly, setting the waveform to the specified point in its cycle, from which it continues its characteristic pattern. A trigger signal at the 'Clamp' input activates the clamping action. The 'CLAMPING' control can be also used as a sync amount control, by using the 'Sync' input.

Auxiliary Section:

The 'WAVE AUX' switch selcts one of six waveforms, graphically depicted on the panel.

The 'AUX OUT' control varies the output amplitude of the two AUX outputs.

The AUX- output is inverted to the AUX+ output.


Rowan Eldritch
2 years ago
It's a fine block by a great developer.
3 years ago
It's missing the "Quant" macro tuning knobs usually have. You can copy it out of another oscillator.
joe king
3 years ago
Actually, I think it is the knob. Even though it shows zero, it can slightly be off, the output number is not at true reflection of the actual value.
joe king
3 years ago
Is there something slightly odd happening when I set the semi/oct switch? Sometimes the note changes down with the freq knob on 0 (zero).