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VoltageCtrlr-We Rise

Ambient patch w/ pitch + gate out to your analog gear

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July 29, 2016
Reaktor 6
Blocks Ensembles


This is an ambient patch with pitch and gate out to intergrate your own analog gear and add on to this Reaktor Blocks composition. This download includes 10 snapshots to get you started.
Here's a demo video of my controlling my 6u eurorack modular with the Reaktor patch.


Brian Wakil
1 year ago
Hey Shiro, just started to play with your patch. Great on its own and as a starting point for more fun! Miss seeing you my friend! Brian
Shiro Fujioka
5 years ago
@Stephen Bobinger Ahh cool! I would love to hear the track when it's finished.
Stephan Bobinger
5 years ago
awesome! just started using it for a new track
Shiro Fujioka
5 years ago
@Bob Schrel At the time I was using my Arturia Microbrute, usb/midi/cv. I just installed an Expert Sleepers ES-3 eurorack module but I haven't used it yet.
Bob Schrei
5 years ago
what are you using as an interface to get CV out to your analog gear?
Shiro Fujioka
5 years ago
Here's the link to the video of the recording session;