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The ENVERATOR is an envelope generator.

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Marius H.
1.0 (Updated 3 years ago)
August 03, 2016
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The ENVERATOR is an envelope generator with four stages: T1 (Attack), T2 (Decay), T3 (RELEASE), and Esus (Sustain).

Can be used to manually trigger the envelope.

Gate Lamp
Lights up when a gate is received via the Gate input.


Marius H.
3 years ago
The "Pin" input is more or less a second gate input. Some analog modules use a 22 pin edge connector for power and inter-cabinet signal routing. The normal gate input is like the "frontpanel" cable input and the "Pin" input is like a "backpanel" conection input. The usage of it will be explained with upcoming blocks.
boba fett
3 years ago
How is this different from the stock envelope?
Omar Misa
3 years ago
What's the "Pin" input do? Also, i hooked up a West Coast XYS to the Gate input and had to shift the signal to zero cross to trigger ENVERATOR. Not a flaw, of course, merely worth noting.
yerry feldstein
3 years ago