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Random drum and melody construction kit

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September 04, 2016
Reaktor 6
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The RandDrum ensemble is a random drum and melody/bassline ensemble.
this patch is driven by the Turing Machine... in a nutshell this block is a random looping sequencer that can be set to loop a repetitive sequence. This ensemble is great to use as a foundation to build songs on with out spending too much time programing drums. I included a bunch of snapshots demonstrating the range of this ensemble. feel free to use these snapshots in your songs and compositions and experiment with the ensemble and make your own snapshots.
Here's a youtube video explaining what's going on in the patch:



Robert Parenton
4 years ago
Thank You!
martin neville
5 years ago there you go Shiro, just a few tracks with some Flesh in there, the bright lead sound.
Shiro Fujioka
5 years ago
Update: file compressed. it's only 11mb now. Thanks Paule
Shiro Fujioka
5 years ago
@martin Thanks! would love to hear what you make with it.
Shiro Fujioka
5 years ago
@Paule, Will do thanks for the heads up.
martin neville
5 years ago
Awesome, just what I was looking for, a lovely weird percussiveness that melds with Absynth's strangeness really exotically, an FM8 preset fitted in with the groove very quickly as well, very happy.
5 years ago
Shiro, please zip or rar your file. It's too large uncompressed.