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West coast synthesis from a Hiphop perspective.

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Mk2 (Updated 5 years ago)
September 15, 2016
Reaktor 6
Blocks Ensembles


Update: I forgot to pack the samples I used in this patch to get you started. They have been added. Thanks Icaro for the heads up bro!

This Reaktor patch is an exploration in making some boombap Hiphop shit using west coast synthesis techniques. This is an experiment in approaching beat making from a generative perspective, breaking out of the grid based limitations of loop orientated song writing.
This patch allows you to drop in your own samples and reprogram the drum patterns and other tweaks and adjustments to express limitless ideas. I recorded a 10 min beat set live in one take with this patch giving you an example on how it can be used in a live performance. The sound file is a snippet from that mix.


david elson
3 years ago
some nice drum blocks in there.... ;)
Philip Kemp
4 years ago
Using generative synthesis to make sampled beats is very intriguing to me butI am having a problem. When I extract the files I see 8 wav samples but no ens....
Andy Selby
4 years ago
Sweet, thanks for adding the samples. A nice .ens
Shiro Fujioka
5 years ago
Update: Added the samples I used in this ensemble.