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RS-01 Input Interface

Audio to control converter Block by Reaktion Sound

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1.0 (Updated 4 years ago)
October 23, 2016
Reaktor 6


RS-01 Input Interface [made with v6.0.3]

The RS-01 Block is a module that receives an audio input and can extract different control signals from it.
Use these signals as modulation sources for any parameter of other Reaktor Blocks in a patch.

It has five different circuits.

- PRE: controls the gain of the audio input.

- FILTER: filters the audio after the gain stage with an High Pass and a Low pass connected in series (the filters can be bypassed).

- ENV FOLLOWER: keeps track of the input signal amplitude and uses this information as a control signal to modulate any parameter. The Attack and Release parameters change the circuit response. The Analog/Digital mode switch changes the envelope follower behaviour. The Offset parameter can add or subtract a fixed constant to the output value.

- GATE EXTRACTOR: generates a Gate signal when the input level exceeds a given threshold. The Threshold and Sensitivity parameters change the circuit response. A Trigger signal is also generated.

- ENV GENERATOR: the Gate extracted from the previous engine can trigger an internal Attack/Decay envelope generator. The Fast/Slow switch changes the overall fixed envelope time.
The shape can control the Attack/Decay ratio from fast attack and long decay to long attack and fast decay with equal times in the middle.

All the individual sections are independently available at the Block outputs.

All the control signal generation circuit are custom made by me (not very different from the Factory Library but I like to build all the stuff on my own).

More details are available in the included User Guide pdf.
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Jonathan Canupp
4 years ago
This is mighty useful, indeed. Very convenient to have such a powerful set of modulators all in one block - and lightweight! Well done, thank you for sharing!
Michele Laneve
4 years ago
Thanks Jonathan! I've actually found inspiration from some Eurorack modules and from my personal needs :)
Jonathan Tremblay
4 years ago
Reminds me of the External Sound Processor (ESP) of the MS-20. Good job!