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MIDI Out Pads

Route MIDI to external sample players

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Ian Hiorns
2.0 (Updated 2 years ago)
November 04, 2016
Reaktor 6
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Sends incoming events to MIDI output. Individually route gate and velocity (note on velocity/note off velocity) messages to 16 fixed notes. Built to use sequencers or LFOs with external sample players.

An extensively butchered version of Util MIDI Out. It incorporates Trigger Fixer from Michael Hetrick's Euro Reakt 3.1. This is my first box.

Version history

Switched RGB lamps for meters showing velocity values when a gate signal is received. Added separate lamps for gate only.
Removed the knob varying the fix gate length value and added separate on/off buttons to fix gate length for each of the 4 rows (TriggerFixer).
Meters/lamps have been given a separate TriggerFixer circuit with a longer gate time enabling a more satisfactory display.
Utilized a more optimal 'latch velocity to gate' macro.
Other changes to the GUI including use of a stacked macro to separate meters and TriggerFixer buttons.

Added a bypass for the gate hold length function.
Added Int Gate macros to all the gate inputs, gates now open/close on detection of a zero crossing.
Patched in a missing gate hold time macro, oops!
Generally tidied up a bit.

Initial release


toke klinke
2 years ago
i can send all but not picht seems as that not possible ?
Jonathan Tremblay
2 years ago
That's one of the beauties of Blocks, is you can make a nice polished product, even if you're just starting out.
Ian Hiorns
2 years ago
Thanks, I'm working on one or two little improvements, I've been reading the manual! Being new to Reaktor I have admit to not completely understanding what everything does.... Might post a update later.
Jonathan Tremblay
2 years ago
very nice!