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Morphroedel 4.1

Ambience scapes & noise generator

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4.1 (Updated 1 year ago)
November 09, 2016
Reaktor 6
Blocks Patches


In the basic: a bro/ sis of Pandoro
Thought I've never uploaded version 2-3

<allways run the clock>

With a lot of help by the user library builder:
Peter Dines, Brett Lavallee, Jonathan Tremblay, Martin Brinkmann, Lazyfish, David Coffin, Jim Hurley, Uwe G. Hoenig, Herwig Krass, Dietrich Pank, Rick Scott, Michael O'Hagan.

Directions of controls and audio: The engine Pata Seq is controlled by Clock Blocks. Driving via IC-Sends the eight slots player to Mix via two pata audio morphs mod by pata seq and X/Y Modulator. Effected by Axis Eraser and g'Litch rachMiel. X/Y modulator mod by pata seq control the blocks and instruments if you start the MIDI clock.

For more informations have a look at blocks and instruments info in their properties.

Press a key for pitch!

more sample maps are here:

- 4.1
Set a cross mod against extreme R/L output.


Andy Bolleshon
8 months ago
Thabks for that beautyfull machine. But downloading the Samplemaps at Mediafire is PIAT
Daniel Danieli
1 year ago
very nice work mate! love it. very organic flow
Claude S.
1 year ago
This is great Paule
miguel otero alceda
3 years ago
Bart Luyckx
3 years ago
Quite amazing, love your work Paule!
michael lancaster
3 years ago
It's a cracker,many thanks
3 years ago
Thanks, this is excellent.
Quinn Hanratty
3 years ago
wow, this is amazing!
David Coffin
3 years ago
This is great; thank you!
Greg Killmaster
3 years ago
Really fantastic! Loving this so much. thank you.
Jonathan Tremblay
3 years ago
Reminds me of the background tones and soundscapes you hear while playing Portal.
Jonathan Tremblay
3 years ago
Gorgeous 5*