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Snaps for NO SEQ SYNTH 1_2

OK…some Very Strange Sounds+Modwheel

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November 13, 2016
Reaktor 6
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Loved this upload! Yes, it is indeed capable of making some Very Strange Noises, and some very rich, complex ones. too; thank you! But I soon began to miss having the modwheel hooked up, having loved that feature of MotorBeat. So to duplicate what I did, and to try these snaps as they were intended, please drag a line out of the NOTE IN's Modwheel out port into the MOD LFO'd ModB in port, and the DELAY's Mod A in port, displacing whatever was already there. And check the screen shot if you want a picture. Then, of course, be sure to use the modwheel with these snaps, as they all have it active and programmed. Incidentally, my keyboard has a little pressure-sensitive button instead of a wheel, so I tend to use it more like you might do with aftertouch, which seems quite a different sort of tactile thing…so I guess if you have Aftertouch, you might try these with that out port into these Mod ins, instead…? Off to explore Wayovoc, and thanks again, Malte; I know I'll love it, too.


Malte Klima
4 years ago
Thank you David for the Snaps and the idea to make use of the Modwheel. I updated the Synthesizer so it fits now the needs of your presets. The two other FX now also make use of the Modwheel. Your preset bank is now included.