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Orange Grains updated

Orange grains user library entry updated

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1.0 (Updated 2 years ago)
November 21, 2016
Reaktor 6
Effect Distortion


This is an update for Orange Grains by Florian Erdle.

I have used this a lot, and I think it should be re-introduced to the Reaktor community as it is quite old.

There are few changes:

1) The mono input has been converted to stereo and then summed to mono internally.

2) A Dry/Wet mixing knob was added.

3) The internal test player was removed.

4) Quite a lot of simplifications and re-arrangements were made.

5) a few presets were added.

The sonic output should be similar for mono inputs, for stereo, the other channel is used as well.

Jim Hurley
November 21, 2016

for Reaktor 6.0.4 and above.

Original version:
orange grains v0.3
Florian Erdle
April 29, 2004


Bob Schrei
2 years ago
Any chance of a White Grains update?
Santino Castagna
2 years ago
Thanks, and thanks Richard. Going to be a staple.
David Coffin
2 years ago
Just spotted, from richarddevine's instagram:
Jonathan Canupp
2 years ago
A classic, indeed! Thank you for bringing this into our modern times (though it is now already the past...
Felix Petrescu
2 years ago
super thanks Jim! great work. all Erdle ens need and diserve an updating...
2 years ago
Thanks Jim!