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RScale Pro

Scale/Chords Processor

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1.0 (Updated 3 years ago)
January 10, 2017
Reaktor 6


Do you remember RScale? Exactly, it’s a good choice to process note. But it just a beginning for me, and i know it have some bug. know!!!

RScale Pro is a very flexible and versatile scale processor. It’s not just for providing a wonderful auto-select note, but also for adding a power chords player. It can be used as both Block and Vst(Chords player only for vst in DAW).

*Note: RScale file have not include a video about chords mode.

Don't say anything, download it now, and you will find your like.
Have a good fun!!!!!

*Make with Reaktor6.1

Introduction Video Here:
Chords Control Video Here:

*2017.1.12 update: RScale Pro + file include a RScale Pro Block, it only can be used as block for using block in Reaktor.


Thala Estra
3 years ago
wow! thanks a lot! already imlemented ScalePro into the Kodiak shift Sequencer. You can find it in the Upload "Psydiak"
Jon Grönvall
4 years ago
This is the quantizer you are looking for. Thank you Zhaonan!
Ricky Raisin
4 years ago
Zhaonan Zeng
4 years ago
@Christian Huygen ^o^
Christian Huygen
4 years ago
This is wonderful. The interface is great and the videos are well done. Thanks!
Zhaonan Zeng
4 years ago
@Zero Yu Thank you
Zero Yu
4 years ago
Real awsome! lao zeng
Rowan Eldritch
4 years ago
Useful Video link, thank you.
makoz ~
4 years ago
amazing visuals also!bravoooooo